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  • Standort-und Nutzungsprobleme mineralischer Rohstofflagerstätten in Weltmasstab. (Location and utilization problems of mineral raw material deposits in a global scale)
  • An essential supposition for the effective utilization of deposits is their geologic-ecological valuation. Four groups of deposits with different value, quantity and quality are distinguished. The territorial effects of the historical location
  • are shown, especially by complex utilization of the existing deposits. (HL).
  • An interactive decision support system for designing appropriate and adaptive sampling procedures in electric utility load research
  • Forecasting systems in managing hospital services demand : a review of applicability and a measure of utility
  • An integer linear programming model of staff retention and termination based on multiattribute utility theory
  • Poleznye iskopaemye Mirovogo okeana.. Les minéraux utiles de l'océan mondial
  • An application of multiattribute utility theory to the planning of emergency medical services
  • Markov models and the utilization of mental health services: a study of endogenous depressed patients
  • Medical care utilization in a regional prepaid medical system
  • Geologija i poleznye iskopaemye mirovogo okeana.. (Géologie et ressources minérales utiles de l'océan mondial)
  • Géographie humaine ; Géologie ; Gîtologie ; Hydrocarbure ; Minéral utile ; Océan ; Ressource
  • Après une présentation géologique de la structure des océans et des mers, les AA. analysent les ressources minérales utiles. Toute la seconde partie (p. 49-119) est consacrée aux hydrocarbures: principes géologiques de leur répartition puis étude
  • Rechnergestützte Kartogramme als Hilfsmittel für die gesellschaftliche Nutzung des NSG-Systems der DDR. (Cartograms based on computer calculations for the social utilization of nature reserve systems in the GDR)
  • The social utilization of the nature reserve system of GDR with the help of cartograms based on computer calculations is explained in the following examples: 1. Diversity of species in the nature reserves and their utilization for breeding| 2
  • Households' utilities and hedonic prices for inner-city homes
  • Modelling the effects of price competition on the utilization of health manpower
  • Parameters of the retail trade model: a utility based interpretation
  • On the economics of solar energy. The public-utility interface.
  • Physical access and utilization of health services in rural Guatemala
  • Utility function switching during residential search
  • The relationship between settlement pattern and resource utilization: the case of North-eastern Samaria
  • La géographie du commerce : un savoir utile aux professionnels in Le commerce de détail face aux mutations actuelles. Les faits et leur analyse. Actes.
  • Walleye Pollock and its utilization and trade
  • Perspectives on utility-based decision models in primary health care within developing countries in Field applications of operations research in primary health care within developing countries-Part II.