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  • Musical work in a university town : the shifting spaces and practices of DJs in Dunedin
  • Dunedin : small, remote, musical, creative ? Shaping sounds, creating work : music retail, venues, audiences. Career prospects.
  • Caring for workers' dependents. Gender, class and local state practice in Melbourne
  • Focusing on child-care provision, but with some reference also to services for aged dependents, the paper describes the community-service practice of two Melbourne municipalities and the class and gender biases they incorporate.
  • Bangkok : place, practice and representation
  • Bangkok ; Daily life ; Inner city ; Large city ; Slum ; Thailand ; Urban geography ; Urban practice ; Urban settlement ; Urban society ; Urban structure
  • The book is divided into two parts. 1- Krung to global city : the dynamics of transformation ; 2- Making Bangkok : studies in place, practice and representation. The work is an in-depth study of the institutions and the people who shaped the Thai
  • and women sex workers. - (GL)
  • Geographical practice ; Pedagogy ; Practical works ; Teaching of geography ; Thematic mapping ; United States
  • Geographical practice ; Pedagogy ; Practical works ; Primary education ; Teaching of geography ; United States
  • Didactics ; Pedagogy ; Practical work ; Practice of geography ; Teaching of geography
  • Hydrological forecasting practices
  • Working group on hydrological forecasting of the commission for hydrology
  • Practicing historical geography
  • Epistemology ; Historical geography ; Methodology ; Practice of geography ; Research
  • He poses three general and related questions. To whom are we addressing our work ? Historical geographers have not in a critical conversation with each other about their own product. What are we to write about ? Historical geographers should share
  • Discourse and practice in human geography
  • Competitiveness ; Daily life ; Epistemology ; Human geography ; Practice of geography
  • The term competitiveness is used as a case study, and the consequences of an unexamined acceptance of the validity and meaning of the term is considered. The article works through two examples of discourse in action, asking to what degree Nike's
  • competitiveness depends on access to low-cost labour in offshore production sites. The article argues the necessity of analysing ourselves as social and historical actors and assessing the way we work and the way we use language in order to strengthen our research
  • The aim of the study is to answer the question of whether the new planning culture described in literature has been put into practiced in regional development. The study firstly works out the key aspects of a new planning culture by identifying them
  • in the relevant literature. Then these aspects are analysed with the help of the authors' empirical works with regards to the practice of regional development. The article concludes with a statement on the actual presence of a new planning culture in the practice
  • Travel, tourism, and geographic field work : Project Marco Polo 1992
  • Pedagogy ; Practice of geography ; Teaching of geography ; Tourism ; Traveller's tale
  • The primacy of ideas: the work of Harvey Franklin
  • Bibliography ; Biography ; Community ; Demographic structure ; New Zealand ; Practice of geography ; Society
  • The changing organisation of work in Malaysia's electronics industry
  • Automation ; Electronics ; Employment ; Exporting industry ; Industry ; Innovation ; Labour ; Malaysia ; Manpower ; Work organization ; Working conditions
  • for labour increased and unemployment declined, automation raised the need for skill of those hired to work in a sophisticated sector. Management practices changed with the introduction of flexible production techniques.
  • The work of performativity : staging social justice at the University of Southern California
  • California ; Conflict ; Labour ; Post-modernism ; Social justice ; Social practice ; Society ; United States of America
  • strategies employed by food service workers at the University of Southern California in their struggle for a fair work contract and justice on the job.
  • Educational programme ; Netherlands (The) ; Pedagogy ; Practical work ; Secondary education ; Teaching of geography
  • theoretical viewpoints as well as proposals for the development of practical skills. - (AGD)
  • Knowledge ; Practice of geography ; Production ; Scientific publication ; Spatial division of labour
  • Researchers in the South are under much greater institutional pressure to demonstrate that their work has international import than is the case for their counterparts in the North. Drawing on past and current writing practices, the paper explores
  • Science, local knowledge and exclusionary practices : lessons from the Alta Dam case
  • Decision making process ; Environment ; Hydraulic works ; Norway ; Policy ; Sciences
  • New technologies, flexible work practices, and regional sociospatial differentiation : some observations from the United Kingdom
  • Putting critical realism to work: the practical implications for geographical research
  • Geomorphologie als geowissenschaftliche Disziplin. Praktische Erfahrungen, theoretische Moglichkeiten. (Geomorphology as a geoscientifical discipline. Practical experiences, theoretical possibilities)
  • Questions are discussed with regard to geomorphology as part of the fields of geography and geology, as well as the importance geomorphology has or might have for both disciplines. Using cases the author has worked on, it can be seen that landscape
  • research should not be carried out without resource to geomorphology. The examples quoted and the conclusions drawn both show what sort of major improvement can be achieved in co-ordinating work between neighbouring disciplines. (l'A.).