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  • Anak Krakatau. A colonization model with in a colonization model?
  • This paper re-examines previous suggestions concerning the colonization of the Krakatau islands since the extirpating 1883 eruption that involve the more recently emergent volcanic island Anak Krakatau, which itself suffered a devastating eruption
  • Colonization of island woodlands in the Hebrides of Scotland
  • Colonialism, colonization and the settlement in Israel as a colonial enterprise
  • Colonialism ; Colonization ; Israel ; Jews ; Palestine ; Settlement
  • Spatial representations of habitat in competition-colonization models
  • Ecological models with species differentiated by competition and colonization traits analyze landscape patterns in two phases (habitat and nonhabitat). The consequences of representing landscape patterns as a continuous surface of habitat quality
  • Dendrochronology and lichenometry : colonization, growth rates and dating of geomorphological events on the east side of the North Patagonian Icefield, Chile
  • Chile ; Dating ; Dendrochronology ; Glacial surge ; Glacier fluctuation ; Lake level ; Lichenometry ; Palaeo-environment ; Patagonia ; Plant colonization
  • This paper highlights the importance for dating accuracy of initial studies of delay before colonization for both trees and lichens and tree age below core height, particularly in recently deglaciated terrain where colonization and growth rates may
  • vary widely due to differences in micro-environment. It demonstrates how dendrochronology and lichenometry can be used together in an assessment of each other's colonization and growth rates, and then cross-correlated to provide a supportive dating
  • Ukrainian peasant colonization east of the Urals (1896-1914)
  • . The history, process, patterns and remaining evidence of that colonization are described.
  • Plant colonization on an abandoned, elevated highway in New York City
  • Plants colonized soil-filled gutters and medians after closure of a 3-km highway section in Manhattan in 1973. A 1981 survey found that native species dominated the community of 477 woody plants. - (D. W. Gade).
  • Spanish colonization of the New World : Cultural continuity and change in Mexico
  • Assimilation ; Colonization ; Cultural geography ; Farming;Agriculture ; Latin America ; Migration ; Minority ; Way of life
  • colons espagnols.―(D. Rouvière).
  • Pre-state Jewish colonization in northern Palestine and its impact on local bedouin sedentarization 1914-1948
  • Asia ; Colonization ; Galilee ; Historical geography ; Palestine ; Pastoralism ; Sedentarization ; Settlement ; Tribe
  • Previous research has tended to emphasize the impact of Jewish colonization as having improved the economic status of the bedouin tribes. Rather than emphasizing economic improvement, this paper stresses the dimension of the detribalization
  • Colonization of the Krakatau Islands by vertebrates
  • colonized the islands (47 resident land birds species, 13 bats, 11 reptiles and 2 rats). A large proportion of these colonizers consists of species with wide distributions, broad ecological tolerances and/or association with urban or rural situations.
  • From resource frontier to periphery: agricultural colonization East of the Andes
  • From the 1960's onward, agricultural colonization of the Amazon-basin, East of the Andes, increasingly attracted State attention. Planned colonization projects were started but were not very successful in terms of their stated objectives
  • A Negro migration and colonization in Colorado, 1870-1930
  • The colonization of time in Human activity and time geography.
  • Guinée Equatoriale. De la dictature des colons à la dictature des colonels.
  • Les colons de la côte est centrale de Madagascar, de la prospérité à la crise (1924-1939)
  • Dating young geomorphic surfaces using age of colonizing Douglas fir in southwestern Washington and northwestern Oregon, USA
  • Dating ; Dendrochronology ; Dendrology ; Earth surface processes ; Fluvial terrace ; Mass movement ; Methodology ; Oregon ; Plant colonization ; Spruce ; United States of America ; Washington State
  • height. The sum of these 2 time intervals is the colonization time gap (CTG). Earliest colonizing Douglas fir were sampled for tree-ring dating at 8 sites. Discussion of the results.
  • Plant colonization of recent lahar deposits on Popocatepetl volcano, Mexico
  • Biogeography ; Lahar ; Mexico ; Plant colonization ; Slope gradient ; Vegetation ; Volcanic activity ; Volcanism
  • This work investigates the initial colonization on recent lahar deposits of the northeast slope of Popocatepetl volcano, where 29 circular sample plots were established to determine the development stages of colonization in 4 types of habitats
  • Topographic thresholds for plant colonization on semi-arid eroded slopes
  • Aragón ; Arid area ; Biogeomorphology ; Ecological restoration ; Plant colonization ; Semi-arid area ; Slope gradient ; Soil erosion ; Soil properties ; Spain ; Teruel ; Topography ; Water
  • In this paper, the AA. study the mechanisms that control plant colonization on semi-arid eroded slopes in the basin of the Alfambra River (Teruel, east Spain) by (i) determining topographic thresholds for plant colonization, (ii) identifying
  • the soil properties limiting plant establishment and (iii) assessing whether colonizing species have specific plant traits to cope with these limitations. Since soil erosion and water availability can limit plant establishment and both can interact
  • in the landscape, they analysed variations in colonization success (vegetation cover and species number) with slope angle on 156 slopes, as a function of slope aspect. The results are discussed in the perspective of a more efficient ecological restoration
  • Immigrants from the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth in the early stages of European colonization of the Cape Colony (1652-1707)
  • Colonization ; Community ; Historical geography ; International migration ; Poles ; Seventeenth Century ; South Africa
  • Agriculture ; Colonial policy ; Colonization ; Historical geography ; Land development ; Racism ; Swaziland ; Years 1920-29 ; Years 1930-39
  • In Swaziland, the quality and intensity of racism was intimately connected to the changing material circumstances of the colonial economy and struggles between colonized and colonizer. The A. analyses the cultural and political implications