Dating young geomorphic surfaces using age of colonizing Douglas fir in southwestern Washington and northwestern Oregon, USA

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Dating of dynamic, young (<500 years) geomorphic landforms, particularly volcanofluvial features, requires higher precision than is possible with radiocarbon dating. To estimate the year of landform creation requires that 2 time corrections be added to tree ages obtained from increment cores : 1) the time interval between stabilization of the new landform surface and germination of the sampled trees (germination lag time or GLT); and 2) the interval between seedling germination and growth to sampling height. The sum of these 2 time intervals is the colonization time gap (CTG). Earliest colonizing Douglas fir were sampled for tree-ring dating at 8 sites. Discussion of the results.

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Article de périodique

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Earth surface processes and landforms, issn : 0197-9337, 2007, vol. 32, n°. 6, p. 811-831, nombre de pages : 21, Collation : Illustration, Références bibliographiques : 39 ref.

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Pays édition : Royaume-Uni, Chichester, Wiley

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