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  • Settling processes in a saline environment. Discussion of paper by Bengt Calles
  • Settling-velocity distributions and sorting processes on a longitudinal dune : a case study
  • Valuation and forecast of climatic risks in hydroagricultural settlements management. Methodological aspects
  • Settling processes in a saline environment
  • Modelling of single-grain and floc settling
  • Application of building climatology to the problems of housing and building for human settlements
  • Some measurements of settlement in a Rocky Mountains snow cover
  • An ecological grading of human settlements
  • Climatologie tropicale et établissements humains = Tropical climatology and human settlements.
  • A diffusion model for a settling non consolidated dust mass
  • during the fall of 1973| the remaining 181sites were still available for settling future colonies. Beavers were particularly abundant in the area of the Eardley Plateau which offers the best possibilities for settling new colonies or resettling existing
  • Tropical climatology and settlement. The hill station of Ceylon: Nuwara Eliya
  • by the Powers Index P). The formula is tested in a series of settling experiments and its validity seems to be very high.
  • Present distribution of calcareous Basse Provence's landscape has only been settled at the end of the boreal time and during the atlantic time. The climatic climax vegetation, which included garrigues were little influenced by men. Since, all
  • Discontinuities in the distribution of coastal midden sites do not necessarily reflect discontinuities in subsistence or settlement. Examples are given from Australia and from Spain.
  • An urban-geomorphologic analysis of the Slovak relief described. The aim of this analysis is the evaluation of a certain territory for the needs of urbanism. At the first stage when data for the basic questions of settlements location are needed
  • , to analyses of paleotemperatures (O). A paradoxical situation considering that since the early years of the 20th century, the study of lake-dwelling (settlements on firm ground or on piles) has been closely connected with climatic evolution during
  • characteristics can be recognized. By defining which features are exclusive of a specific depositional setling a simplified basis for environmental interpretation can be established. Given a list of such features, a series of depositional environment eliminations