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  • Crisis or recovery? Recent developments in the regional processes in Poland in Urban geography.
  • Local government reform, urban crisis and development in South Africa in Southern Africa : the development crisis.
  • Urbanization and socialism in Zimbabwe : the case of low-cost urban hosi housing in Southern Africa : the development crisis.
  • The Urban crisis, leisure in the urban environment
  • Policies and prospects of urban redevelopment in Poland
  • City;Town ; Development ; Economic crisis ; Poland ; Prospective study ; Urban migration ; Urban policy ; Urban system ; Urbanization
  • The mutual relations between the overall economic development and urbanization processes are strong obvious. In the Polish case the three key terms describe these relations at the turn of the centuries : lagging urbanization, economic crisis
  • Demographic decline ; Depopulation ; Economic restructuring ; Population ageing ; Town ; Urban crisis
  • Ciudad ; Crisis urbana ; Despoblación ; Disminución de la población ; Envejecimiento de la población ; Restructuración económica
  • City crisis has been a subject of urban debates in both Anglo-Saxon and German space. “ Shrinking city ” (schrumpfende Stadt) term was developed in Germany and means a persistent urban crisis which is characterized by depopulation and worsening
  • Narratives of modernity, masculinity, and citizenship amid crisis in Abidjan's Sorbonne
  • Abidjan ; Citizenship ; Informality ; Ivory Coast ; Masculinity ; Narrative ; Political geography ; Political party ; Social geography ; Street ; Urban crisis ; Woman
  • Abiyán ; Calle ; Ciudadanía ; Costa de Márfil ; Crisis urbana ; Geografía política ; Geografía social ; Mujer ; Partido político
  • In this article, the A. relates prominent depictions of the African urban crisis, particularly informality, and its implications for masculine subjectivity in Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire. He considers the Sorbonne, a nationalist space in Abidjan, where
  • partisans of former President Laurent Gbagbo contested the crisis narrative and their place in it. Literally and ideologically, Sorbonne orators and spectators moved themselves and their country from the periphery to the urban and global core.
  • African cities in crisis : managing rapid urban growth.
  • Desegregation in Namibia : the demise of urban apartheid ? in Southern Africa : the development crisis.
  • State capitalism and the urban fiscal crisis in the United States
  • Models and the urban planning crisis
  • The crisis of French urban research
  • The targeted crisis: on the ideology of the urban fiscal crisis and its uses
  • Conflict ; Crisis ; Political geography ; Political party ; Thailand ; Twentieth Century ; Urban social movement
  • Conflicto ; Crisis ; Geografía política ; Movimiento social urbano ; Partido político ; Siglo 20 ; Tailandia
  • The book shed light on what transpired during 2009-2010, the darkest chapter of Thai history. Abhisit’s personal account of the event brings light on the missing narration over the April/May crisis of 2010. According to the former Prime Minister
  • , the crisis was instigated and provoked by the Red Shirts movement. The book relates to the political conflict between the Democrat Party and the so-called Red Shirts encouraged by the former Prime Minister Thaksin. - (GL)
  • Food ; Food aid ; Food crisis ; Food security ; Globalization ; Natural hazards
  • The six articles deal with the dimension and dynamic of globalizing food crises ; the food crisis and food security in the emerging economy of India ; the urban food crisis in Cairo, the exposure and resistance ; urban food security with creative
  • agricultural utilization of the urban areas (for example under high voltage cables) with case studies of Tanzania and Philippines; from food aid towards food assistance, food security in times of global food scarcity ; climate change with floods and storms
  • Havana and Kingston: mass media images and empirical observations of two Caribbean cities in crisis
  • Communication ; Cuba ; Habana ; Jamaica ; Kingston ; Perception of the urban environment ; Poverty ; Town ; Urban crisis ; Urban landscape
  • Crisis, chaos, crunch? Planning for urban growth in the developing world
  • Facilities ; Housing ; Local government ; Public service ; Third World ; Urban administration ; Urban development ; Urban planning ; Urban policy ; Water supply
  • The shift from the traditional centralised approach not only involves new reponsabilities for urban residents, but for local authorities. Four problems are singled out for detailed consideration. There is a crucial constraint on meeting
  • Cities in crisis. The political economy of urban development in post-war Britain.
  • The AA. undertake a much wider examination of the origins of the urban crisis and of the history of state policy with respect to urban and regional change. They re-interpret the post-war urban development which emphasizes its distance from
  • the dominant accounts within the Whig tradition. They describe three phases of post-war accumulation and the intense economic crisis. They show the central position of class and other social conflicts to both patterns of accumulation and forms of state
  • Planning, anti-planning and the infrastructure crisis facing metropolitan Lagos
  • Urban culture and development : strarting with South Africa. Special issue
  • Infrastructure ; Lagos ; Nigeria ; Urban administration ; Urban growth ; Urban infrastructure ; Urban planning ; Urban policy
  • Preventive urban planning tools of emergency and crisis management en La Paz (Bolivia)