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  • Tanzania's new political regionalism and introductory geography's portrayal of Southern Africa
  • Cultural studies ; Perception ; Political geography ; Regionalism ; Tanzania ; Uneven development
  • Regionalism in Tanzania's recent transition to multi-party politics is examined as a means of interrogating themes from political geography as they appear in introductory geography textbooks from North America. The texts can be misleading
  • , suggesting Tanzania's high potential for divisive regionalism and they require reconsideration, especially given the dramatic decade of transition since 1990. - (AJC)
  • Is a democratic collective agriculture possible? Theoretical considerations and evidence from Tanzania
  • Rural development in Buboka district, Tanzania
  • The patterns of rainfall in the Serengeti ecosystem, Tanzania
  • Government intervention in food grain markets. An econometric study of Tanzania
  • An assessment of socioecological impacts on East African mountain and highland environments : a case study from Tanzania
  • Environmental degradation ; Mountain ; Overexploitation ; Soil erosion ; Tanzania
  • Between 1960 and 1976, the Usambara mountains in northeast Tanzania underwent overexploitation. The A. discusses the roles of relief, climate, former colonial policies and regional migration in explaining this land deterioration.―(DWG)
  • Firewood or hydropower: a case study of rural energy markets in Tanzania
  • This article examines the energy requirements of a subsistence economy population in Kigoma Region in North-west Tanzania. There is an urgent need to find alternatives to firewood and the author suggests to develop hydroelectric power.
  • Climate variability and crop production in Tanzania
  • Agricultural production ; Agroclimatology ; Cereal ; Climatic variability ; Impact ; Precipitation ; Tanzania ; Temperature
  • Agroclimatología ; Cereal ; Impacto ; Precipitación ; Producción agrícola ; Tanzania ; Temperatura ; Variabilidad climática
  • Managing food shortages in Central Tanzania
  • Crop ; Farming system ; Food ; Food resources ; Livestock farming ; Malnutrition ; Pasture improvement ; Tanzania ; Village
  • This case study adopts a long-term perspective and depicts the changes of indigenous and exogenous famine-coping strategies among the Gogo, an ethnic group in semi-arid central Tanzania, over a time-span of one and half centuries. The A. tries
  • Deforestation and regrowth in Miombo woodland, SW Tanzania
  • Cultivated plants ; Deforestation ; LANDSAT ; Land use ; MSS ; Reforestation ; Remote sensing ; Tanzania ; Tobacco
  • Deforestation is a general problem in Tanzania. One of the major reasons is tobacco farming. The study area is the major tobacco producing area in Mbeya Region, Chunya district. A procedure has been made for estimating deforestation and regrowth
  • Agrargeographie Ostafrika (Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania) 2N-2S, 32-38E=Agricultural geography East Africa (Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania) =Géographie agricole Afrique orientale (Kenya, Ouganda, Tanzanie). Landwirtschaftliche Flächennutzungsstile=Agricultural
  • Urban planning in developing countries : an assessment of master plans for Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania
  • De agrarische crisis in Tanzania : falend socialisme of afrikaans falen ? (La crise agraire en Tanzanie : échec du socialisme ou échec africain ?)
  • Wanderers on the face of Africa: refugees in Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia and Botswana
  • An assessment of soil and water conservation needs in Mwanza region, Tanzania
  • An evaluation of foreign planning assistance to Tanzania's decentralized regional planning programme, 1972-1981 in Aid, research and development.
  • Post independence rural development: the Kigoma District in Western Tanzania
  • The Influence of rainfall on rural population distribution in Tanzania
  • Recent villagization in Tanzania
  • A regional analysis of industrial production and labor productivity trends in Tanzania, 1965 to 1972