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  • Suburbs in non western societies
  • From village to suburb. Order and change in Greater Beirut
  • Arizona ; Commuting ; Enquiry ; Geographical information system ; Suburbanization ; Suburbs ; United States of America ; Urban geography
  • Application of a 1960 study of Natick, Massachusetts, a Boston suburb to Tempe, a Phoenix suburb using 1990 data. The pervasive use of the automobile explains why Tempe draws workers from other suburbs. - (DWG)
  • The daily activities of metropolitan suburbanities and the urban daily rythm; the case study of Kawagoe, a suburb of Tokyo, and Nisshin, a suburb of Nagoya
  • Daily life ; Honshu ; Japan ; Nagoya ; Suburbs ; Tokyo ; Urban practice ; Way of life ; Woman
  • Housing and the elderly in the post-World War II Suburb
  • As American suburbs support a higher percentage of old people, a need has arisen for support services for this age-group : home health care, assistance with home maintenance, adult day care and transportation. A case study of this aging-in-place
  • Planning environmental racism : the construction of the industrial suburb in Los Angeles County in the early twentieth century
  • California ; Garden city ; Historical geography ; Industrialization ; Los Angeles ; Racism ; Suburbs ; United States of America ; Urban environment ; Urban planning
  • An analysis of the role of urban planners in creating environmental inequalities in Los Angeles County in the early twentieth century, with special consideration of the industrial suburb of Torrance. Author finds environmental racism to have been
  • The flight to the suburbs: insights gained from an analysis of central city vs suburban housing costs
  • Choice ; Honshu ; Japan ; Osaka ; Suburbs
  • This article is a case study to examine how suburban inhabitants choose restaurants in the CBD and the suburbs. The A. selects Fujiidera City in Osaka metropolitan area.
  • The evolution of the planned shopping center in suburb and city
  • Suburbs for a labor elite
  • Segregated city, segregated suburbs : to what extent are they products of black-white socioeconomic differentials ?
  • Ethnic segregation and concentration in Chicago suburbs
  • Cities and suburbs: urban life in West Africa.
  • Do central cities and suburbs have similar dimensions of need?
  • The western suburb of medieval Dublin : its first century
  • Situated to the west of the walled city, the western suburb of medieval Dublin was in its embryonic stages of development during the last decades of the 12th and throughout the 13th century. The first signs of westward expansion were the laying out
  • of burgage plots in the area immediately outside the western mural-gate. This suburb experienced subdivision of plots soon afterwards. The first move toward this planned development of a western suburb was to found St Thomas's Priory in this western area
  • Sewering the English suburbs: an inter-war perspective
  • Collective facilities ; Drainage ; England ; Historical geography ; Local policy ; Sanitation improvement ; Suburbs ; Twentieth Century ; United Kingdom ; Urban infrastructure ; Viability ; Water supply
  • Tensions in managing the suburbs : conservation versus change
  • Management ; Protected area ; Suburbs ; United Kingdom ; Urban geography ; Urban landscape ; Urban planning ; Urban settlement
  • Do suburbs need cities ?
  • Housing cost ; Living standard ; Suburbanization ; Suburbs ; Town ; United States of America ; Urban growth
  • Constructing a fault(y) zone : misrepresentations of American cities and suburbs, 1900-1950
  • Suburbs ; Town ; United States of America ; Urban history ; Urban structure ; Urban theory
  • Style wars : revolution in the suburbs ?
  • Australia ; Demographic change ; Suburbs ; Urban change ; Urban morphology ; Urban planning ; Urban settlement