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  • Dispersion spacing and size of rural settlements in Visakhapatnam Taluk
  • ST The geographical study of underground space at Yokohama station
  • While the vertical differentiation of urban function has advanced in Japanese cities since the 1960's. the underground has been utilized as new space for retailing, parking and public street. The purpose of this is to analyse characteristics
  • of the underground space in front of Yokohama station from the horizontal viewpoint. - (K. Abe).
  • Cyclic markets and central place systems: the changing temporal and locational spacing of markets in the Caspian littoral of Iran
  • Ein multivariater Ansatz zur Regionalisierung von Landnutzungsstrukturen, dargestellt am Agrarraum Südkorea. (A multivariate approach to the regionalisation of land use structures, examplified on the agricultural space of South Corea)
  • Agriculture in Singapore: problems of space and productivity
  • Survey 1: Social history of the Philippine Archipelago problems of time and space
  • The nature of the life space humans organize in their everyday life. Dejima-mura of Ibaraki Prefecture (north east of Tokyo) taken as an example. Two types of organizations in the village : functional organizations under the local government's
  • control, and traditionally maintained territorial organizations. Three types of work activity space are identified. The structure of life space in the light of life cycles is examined. - (SGA)
  • exclusively on specific tasks and shows little concern for completion of the work process and who tends to invest emergy in small individual plots of land and domestic activities. Thus, while village space is being eliminated and replaced by the production
  • space of cooperatives, there is a gradual development of micro social spaces beyond the control of the state.
  • Organizing space for development planning : the case of Jordan
  • Nutritional wage over time and space in Bangladesh
  • Ritual as mediator of space: Kathmandu
  • Agricultural ecology in the southeast Asian savanna region: The Mnong Gar of Vietnam and their social space in Human ecology in savanna environments.
  • ST. Vertical growth of urban space
  • The purpose of this paper is to review the development processes of minshuku regions based on case studies, and to discuss their geographical relevances. It concludes that regional change is a process where the use of time and space is intensified
  • Summary of activities and future programmes of the Remote Sensing Applications Centre (RESACENT) of the Pakistan Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission, Karachi. - (CB)
  • The structure of rural space in Japan. The impact of urbanization and off-farm employment on the transformation of Japan's rural landscape and economy
  • The contradictions of the rationalization of agricultural space and work in Vietnam
  • Focus on women, their activities and time-space routine in the community of Hopar in the Karakoram Himalaya. Implications of economic development on women. - (DWG)
  • This paper attempts to deduce the time-space characteristics of the monthly mean temperature anomaly during winter as an indicator of cold (or warm) waves over Yunnan Province as well as the whole of P. R. C. and to discuss their association
  • types of employment structures were found. The division of the rural space in Japan was then completed. - (SGA)