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  • Sukcesija na prodiščih reke Save
  • Succession de bourrelets alluviaux sur la rivière Save
  • Assolement ; Biogéographie ; Cartographie ; Fleuve ; Save ; Slovénie ; Végétation
  • The expenditure tax and savings incentives : design matters
  • Geography of savings in the German occupational pension system
  • This paper analyses the regional structure of savings amounts in the case of occupational pensions in Germany and applies differentlocation definitions in explaining financial behavior. The differences in the relationship between metropolitan
  • Energy-saving housing improvements in Canada (1979-82) : a nested logit analysis
  • Canada ; Energy savings ; Energy;Power ; Household behaviour ; Housing ; Housing improvement ; Owner-occupier ; Regional disparities
  • Regional differences in personal saving rates in Spain
  • Econometry ; Living standard ; Model ; Regional disparities ; Savings ; Spain ; Statistics
  • The main slogan for the Year of rice is Rice is life. The initiative involves all the rice civilisations, both in Italy and in the rest of the world. The article also deals with other slogans such as Save rice save life, that means to increase
  • the production of rice in order to save the lives of million of people ; Rice with rice, which is related to rice and to the grawth of developing countries ; Beyond the rice, that means going beyond the cultivation of rice to achieve an ecologically sustainable
  • Selling nature to save it ? Biodiversity and green developmentalism
  • Nice save: the moral economies of recycling in England and Sweden
  • is promoted as an action that saves the environment and public money. I show that the content of these moral messages is closely related to the system of recycling provision within a country, together shaping nationally distinct moral economies of recycling.
  • On identifying the most time-saving walking route in a trackless mountainous terrain
  • a friction-based cost surface. Subsequently, a cost path analysis led to identification of a web of least-cost paths between the locations. Finally, the most time-saving route to visit all rain gauges in one round trip from the base camp was found using
  • An assessment of land degradation in the Save catchment of Zimbabwe
  • The AA. analyze the determinants of migrants' savings and remittance decisions, using variables defined at the individual, household, community, and macroeconomic levels. The conditions under which U.S. earnings are repatriated to Mexico
  • as remittances and savings are identified, and the factors leading to their productive investment are indicated.
  • Stimulating energy conservation by sharing the savings : a community-based approach
  • Saving farmland, a Canadian program in Farmland preservation in North America.
  • Life span, health, savings, and productivity
  • Saving space: a perspective for geographical enquiry
  • The savings/harm tableau for social impact assessment of retrenchment policies
  • Deriving willingness-to-pay estimates of travel-time savings from individual-based parameters
  • Save Tyre. CEDRE, CPM UNESCO and AIST geoarchaeological programs
  • Air-photographs became the important basic material of largescale maps and with its photogrammetric interpretation we save both significant financial means and much time. (CK).
  • Saving Japantown, serving the people : the scalar politics of the Asian American Movement