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  • Paleohydrologic techniques used to define the spatial occurrence of floods
  • This paper describes paleohydrologic techniques that can be used to improve the understanding of flood hydrometeorology. These techniques are applied to two examples from Colorado.
  • Paleohydrology and paleoclimate of the past 33,000 years at the Tamanduá River, Central Brazil
  • Deposits of the Tamanduá River contain evidence for 4 major paleohydrologic stages in the last 33,000 years. Using these deposits, the AA. reconstruct paleohydrological conditions and infer relations among landform processes, paleohydrological
  • Progress in paleohydrology
  • Paleohydrology of southwestern Texas
  • Paleohydrological records from peat profiles and speleothems in Sutherland, northwest Scotland
  • This paper provides independent paleohydrological data from widely spaced replicate profiles from a Scotish peatland and compares these with the paleoenvironmental records of a nearby cave and its overlying peat. The main aim is to test
  • Chronology and paleohydrology of Late Quaternary high lake levels in the Manyara Basin (Tanzania) from isotopic data (18O, 13C, 14C, Th/U) on fossil stromatolites
  • In this article, new isotopic data on the hydrology and paleohydrology of the Lake Manyara basin are presented. They complement previous studies on lakes Natron and Magadi, to the north, and provide additional information on late Pleistocene
  • Holocene paleohydrology and paleoclimate at treeline, North-Central Russia, inferred from oxygen isotope records in lake sediment cellulose
  • The AA. use lake-water oxygen-isotope histories, inferred from stratigraphic analysis of cellulose in the fine-grained fraction of lake-sediment cores, to reconstruct Holocene paleohydrology at the boreal treeline near the lower Yenisey and Lena
  • obtained from porewaters extracted from frozen peat obtained at nearby sites contribute additional information for paleohydrologic reconstruction.
  • Modeling of paleohydrologic change during deglaciation
  • Paleohydrology, sedimentology, and geochemistry of two meromictic saline lakes in southern Saskatchewan
  • Changements hydrologiques dans la zone tempérée au cours des quinze derniers millénaires. Paleohydrological changes in the temperate zone in the last 15 000 years. Marseille (France) 3-5/07/1984
  • The influence of late-quaternary climatic and vegetational change on paleohydrology in unglaciated eastern North America
  • An outline of the paleohydrology of the Great Hungarian Plain in Environmental and dynamic geomorphology.
  • Climatic variation ; Fluvial processes ; Holocene ; Paleo-environment ; Paleohydrology ; Quaternary ; Texas ; United States
  • The purpose of this paper is to integrate geomorphic, paleohydrologic, and sedimentologic evidence from the Pedernales valley with regional paleoenvironmental data and to show how the Pedernales River responded to subtle late Holocene climatic
  • Holocene paleohydrology of the St. Elias mountains, British Columbia and Yukon
  • Geoarchaeological and paleohydrological evidence for a Clovis-age drought in North America and its bearing on extinction
  • Paleohydrological implications of Holocene peatland development in northern Michigan
  • Some aspects of the paleohydrology connected with the development of the relief in the Oulanka river valley, North Eastern Finland, and a review of complementary study concerning IGCP-project n 158
  • Paleohydrology and landscape development in the middle course of the Radunia basin, North Poland
  • A paleohydrologic reinterpretation of the Homeb Silts, Kuiseb River, central Namib Desert (Namibia) and paleoclimatic implications
  • Holocene paleohydrology of the Tropical Andes from lake records