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  • Maximum monthly sums of precipitation in Moravia
  • The analysis of maximum monthly sums of precipitation in Moravia over the period 1901-1980 as reported by 180 rainfall measuring stations with 50 years of observation. Geographical distribution is presented on tables and maps. (MS).
  • On distribution of slope deformations in the north-eastern part of the Vizovická vrchovina Highland in Eastern Moravia
  • Czech Republic ; Geomorphological mapping ; Geomorphology ; Moravia ; Slope ; Slope dynamics
  • Hodnoceni efektivnosti zemedelské vyroby Jihomoravskéhe kraje. (Evaluation of effectivity of agricultural enterprises on Southern Moravia)
  • enterprises on Southern Moravia was made in accordance with the measure of their similarity. (MS).
  • Soustava vodohospodarskych uprav na jizni Morave. (A project of water management modification in the South-Moravia region)
  • The region of the South-Moravia at the confluence of Dyje and Morava river belongs to the most productive agricultural areas of Czechoslovakia. The article presents the conception, results of research and characteristics of water management
  • Periody sucha na jizni Morave v obdobi 1970-1979. (Drought periods in South Moravia during the years 1970-1979)
  • Climatic conditions of South Moravia are characterized in connection with the presents needs of water supplying for population and agriculture irrigation. (MS).
  • Chronostratigraphy ; Czech Republic ; Glaciation ; Lateglacial ; Loess ; Moravia ; Palaeo-environment ; Palaeosol ; Stratigraphic correlation
  • Correlación estratigráfica ; Cronoestratigrafía ; Glaciación ; Loess ; Moravia ; Paleoambiente ; Paleosuelo ; República Checa ; Tardiglaciar
  • In this paper, author would like to provide refined relative chronological data to loess-paleosol section situated on the IV. and V. terraces of Red Hill (Moravia, Czech Republic), based on a comparison with Heinrich events, North and South
  • Slope deformations in eastern Moravia, Vsetín District (Outer Western Carpathians)
  • Carpathian Mountains ; Czech Republic ; Landslide ; Moravia ; Precipitation ; Rockfall ; Slope ; Slope dynamics
  • Tree story biomass in Lowland forests in South Moravia
  • Landscape research of the Rosice-Oslavany area (mid-west Moravia, Czechoslovakia)
  • Post-war changes of the land-use structure in Bohemia and Moravia: case study Sudetenland
  • Arable land ; Cultural landscape ; Czech Republic ; Economic development ; Ethnic community ; Frontier region ; Land use ; Moravia ; Sudety
  • Selected agro-climatic characteristics and wine-grape yields in the Southern Moravia
  • Agroclimatology ; Czech Republic ; Meteorology ; Moravia ; Vinegrowing area
  • New prosperity for marginal regions in Moravia ?
  • Comparative study ; Czech Republic ; Local labour market ; Marginal area ; Moravia ; Peripheral region ; Regional development ; Rural area ; Rural change ; Settlement
  • Archeological site ; Czechoslovakia ; Historic map;Old chart ; Moravia ; Palaeolithic ; Prehistory
  • So far we know two Upper Paleolitic maps of the Kiew territory in Ukraine. The third map discovered in Pavlov (South Moravia) in 1962 is the oldest with archeological dating 25 000-27 000 B.C. (Pavlovien). Drawing of this sketch of map
  • Agricultural use ; Czechoslovakia ; Energy consumption ; Farming;Agriculture ; Moravia ; Profitability
  • A comparative evaluation of the effectiveness of energy input utilization in enterprises of agricultural production. Great emphasis is laid on possibilities of practical utilization of the acquired results in South Moravia. - (MS)
  • Prostorové uhrny srazek na Morave v obdobi 1881-1980. (Spatial sums of precipitations in Moravia in the period of 1881-1980)
  • The volume comprises the results of study of the relief, water, flora, fauna, population, production, traffic, recreational activities and other geographical element of the Moravian Karst, the vastest karstic territory of Moravia. (MS).
  • The stratigraphic correlation between the Nordic and Alpine glaciations in Moravia is based on the study of fluvial accumulations.
  • Water management problems and balance in particular river basins of South Moravia. There are 22 reservoirs in operation in general. The quality of surface water is poor. (MS).
  • Czech Republic ; Forecast ; Geographical information system ; Land use ; Landscape evaluation ; Moravia ; Regional development
  • A landscape synthesis combined with GIS technology has been applied as a method supporting the economic revitalisation of the region in White Carpathians Mts. (Eastern Moravia). Homogenous natural landscape units have been examined by means
  • Beskidy ; Boulder ; Czech Republic ; Dendrogeomorphology ; Impact ; Mass movement ; Meteorology ; Moravia ; Mountain ; Rainfall
  • Dendrogeomorfología ; Impacto ; Lluvia ; Meteorología ; Montaña ; Moravia ; Movimiento de masa ; República Checa