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  • The Azores. A forgotten biodiversity hotspot
  • Les Açores sont un hotspot de biodiversité, mais les recherches internationales en biodiversité n'en tiennent pas compte. La biodiversité considérable des Açores n'est pas menacée par la pression humaine, comme aux Canaries, mais se posent des
  • Indicators for the Identification of Cultural Landscape Hotspots in Europe
  • Cultural landscape ; Europe ; Identification ; Indicator ; Landscape ; Marginality ; Peripheral region ; Tradition ; case studies ; hotspots ; indicators ; traditional cultural landscapes
  • Hotspots of traditional cultural landscapes in Europe can be found in locations which meet a specific set of characteristics. These characteristics were defined in a study based on literature review, content analysis and two case studies conducted
  • in peripheral regions of Europe. The preconditions for hotspots of traditional cultural landscapes seem to be geographic, economic, infrastructural and political isolation, marginal agricultural land and often a population that differs from the surrounding
  • that nowadays help to preserve them as islands or hotspots in a globalized, and increasingly more uniform world. Finding and monitoring these traditional cultural landscape hotspots in Europe is the first prerequisite for systematically studying and eventually
  • A study on the spatial flow intensity of overseas travelers in tourist hotspots of China - taking Beijing as an example
  • Europe's landscape hotspots
  • Cartographic display ; Europe ; Geodiversity ; Geographical information system ; Geosystem ; Hotspot ; Landscape ; Landscape analysis ; Natural landscape
  • The hotspot - a new technology, but is it also a new, geographical face of the Internet ?
  • Les AA. analysent la distribution spatiale des hotspots (l'accès à l'Internet sans fil) en Pologne. Ils étudient les structures des lieux ainsi que leur diversité spatiale. Ils expliquent que ces lieux reflètent les réalités socio-économiques du
  • Small decisions in suburban open spaces : ecological perspectives from a hotspot of global biodiversity concerning knowledge flows between disciplinary territories
  • Identifying hotspots of rip current activity using wavelet analysis at Pensacola Beach, Florida
  • As shown in a number of recent studies, the nearshore bar morphology at Pensacola Beach varies alongshore in response to a ridge and swale bathymetry on the inner-shelf, creating hotspots of rip current activity. However, it remains unclear whether
  • these recently identified hotspots were present before Hurricane Ivan and if the development of the rip system is a response to the bar cycle. Wavelet analysis of aerial and satellite imagery from 1951 to 2004 was used to quantify the alongshore variation in bar
  • statistic that quantifies hotspot areas of fire risk has been used to identify statistically significant fire clusters during the ten-year time period. To assess the causative factors of fires, topographic, vegetation, climatic, anthropogenic
  • and accessibility factors were used in a multivariate statistical framework. Results suggested a clear variation in hotspots of fire occurences among districts.
  • Biodiversity ; Biogeography ; Ecology ; Fauna ; Flora ; Hotspots ; Nature conservation ; Taxonomy
  • Buried black soils on the slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro as a regional carbon storage hotspot
  • , the buried black soils constitute a distinctive regional carbon storage hotspot.
  • Present-day tectonic concepts of events on the western paleo-Pacific lithosphere must be assessed relative to new data. Three problems, fracture zones versus transform faults, the formation of fracture zones, and hotspots versus leaky fracture zones
  • circulation. The cooling effect is more pronounced along segments over hotspots with close ridge displacement fabric and recurrent rift jumping, probably reflecting additional complications, including subaxial magma flow about plumes, or the presence
  • Examing the influence of cell size and bandwidth size on kernel density estimation crime hotspot maps for predicting spatial patterns of crime
  • Regional innovation hotspots and spatial development. Mini-special issue
  • Wandel oder Kollaps ? Theoretische Überlegungen zu globaler Umweltveränderung und Landnutzung in hotspots der Regenwald- und Trockenzone
  • A Janus-faced biodiversity change and the partiality of ecological knowledge in a world biodiversity hotspot in Ghana : implications for biodiversity rehabilitation
  • and epeirocratic history. Accordingly these deposits or weathering profiles document the major (mega-) cycles of Earth history. The surfaces are only quasistable because of hotspot features, intraplate warping, lineament revival, and continental rifting
  • Criminality ; Czech Republic ; Fear ; Hotspot ; Inner city ; Perception ; Prague ; Risk perception ; Security
  • repository of data on this Australian mobility hotspot, of which we report highlights. Results from standardised student course evaluations confirm the pedagogical value of these initiatives for human geography undergraduates.
  • hazard has been quantified to highlight the acid hotspots, which can then be targeted in soil management plans. The current management strategy for TAA at the study site, involving containment of acidity within the soil profiles, is also described.