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  • La cartografia storica del territorio di Ferrara
  • Carte ancienne ; Cartographie ; Emilia-Romagna ; Ferrara, rég. ; Histoire de la géographie ; Italie ; Siècle XVI-XVIII ; Technique cartographique
  • Plio-Quaternary tectonic evolution of the Northern Apennines thrust fronts (Bologna-Ferrara section, Italy) : seismotectonic implications
  • The AA. used geological, structural and morphotectonic data to draw a N-S-striking section between Bologna and Ferrara, aimed at analyzing whether and how the deformation is partitioned among the frontal thrusts of the Northern Apennines
  • 1494 ; Cadastre ; Ferrara, région ; Géographie historique ; Histoire de la géographie ; Italie
  • [b1] Università degli Studi di Ferrara, Dipartimento di Scienze Geologiche e Paleontologiche, Ferrara, Italie
  • Tutela degli interessi economici e intervento sul territorio. Il difficile rapporto di vicinato fra Venezia e Ferrara in una testimonianza cartografica del XVIII secolo
  • Bologna ; Ferrara ; Firenze ; Fonction urbaine ; Genova ; Géographie de l'Europe ; Histoire urbaine ; Italie ; Milano ; Napoli ; Palerma ; Pisa ; Ravenna ; Roma ; Sienna ; Torino ; Venezia ; Ville
  • [b1] Dep. of Biology and Evolution, Univ., Ferrara, Italie
  • [b2] Earth Sciences Dep., Univ., Ferrara, Italie
  • Agriculture ; Bonification ; Canal ; Chianti, rég. ; Emilia-Romagna ; Exploitation agricole ; Ferme ; Ferrara ; Fonction portuaire ; Géographie de l'Europe ; Italie ; Littoral ; Mise en valeur ; Partecipanze agrarie ; Po, delta ; Port ; Ravenna
  • , and shepherds in the area. Typical places of destination within the miners'unusually large migratory fields are the industrial sites of the Montecatini Concern in the Sicilian sulphur-mining area, in the Tuscan ironmining area, at Ferrara, and in the north-west
  • A Russian delegation take part in the Florentine Council which was held in Ferrara and Florence in 1438-1439. A Russian in the Metropolitan's retinue took notes on the journey which started from Moscow and did not fail to note all the towns through
  • , running from W to E, namely : Turin Hill-Monferrato-Langhe-Maritime Alps (arc 1), Emilia Romagna-Marche (arc 2), Ferrara (arc 3) and Adriatic sea (arc 4). The arcs are the results of a westward movement of autochthonous crustal blocks pushed from ESE-SE
  • [b1] Dip. di Fisica e Scienze della Terra, Univ., Ferrara, Italie