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  • Kaolinization of feldspar as displayed in scanning electron micrographs
  • Competition, competitive strategy, and industrial change : the case of electronic components
  • Between autonomy and dependence : corporate strategy, plant status, and local agglomeration in the Scottish electronics industry
  • Electronics ; Firm strategy ; Industry ; Innovation ; Investment ; Local economy ; Scotland ; United Kingdom
  • The recent development of the electronics industry in Scotland is examined with reference to the information-systems sector. It reflects the specific responses of US-multinationals to global trends in technology and markets, in particular the shift
  • from electromechanical to electronic products and the development of smaller computer systems.
  • Electronic industry, regional inequality and innovation policy in Portugal
  • Economic impact ; Electronics ; High-tech industry ; Industry ; Innovation ; Portugal ; Regional development ; Research and development ; Technological innovation
  • Foreign trade in China's electronics industry
  • China ; Electronics ; Foreign investment ; Gravity model ; Industry ; International trade ; Model ; Multinational firm
  • Multi-level modularity vs. Hierarchy : global production networks in Singapore's electronics industry
  • Electronics ; Globalization ; Industrial policy ; Industrial production ; Industry ; Network ; Singapore
  • A janoshalmi MAFI alapfuras homoküledékeinek elektronmikroszkopos vizsgalata. (Electron microscopic investigation of the sand sediments in the core drilling of MAFI-Hungarian State Geological Institute-at Janoshalma)
  • The mechanical composition and surface analyses (using the electron microscope) show remarkable differences in the Quartenary series. Traces of eolian sand movement and aquaeous transport are studied.
  • Competition and collaboration in electronics : what are the prospects for Britain?
  • Competition ; Economic environment ; Economic restructuring ; Electronics ; Employment ; Enterprise;Firm ; Great Britain ; Industry ; Product lifecycle ; Telecommunications ; United Kingdom
  • The main restructuring pressures are identified and the effects in two of the principal electronics industries, namely, data processing and telecommunications, are examined. Even the very largest firms are having great difficulty in coping
  • The growth of an indigenous electronics industry: Scottish printed circuit boards
  • Electronics ; Exporting industry ; Firm strategy ; Industrial organization ; Industrial production ; Industry ; Investment ; Manufactured products ; Productivity ; Scotland ; United Kingdom
  • is best conceptualised as part of a wider division of labour within the regional electronics industry rather than a distinct, closely connected cluster.
  • Outsourcing, RandD and the pattern of intra-metropolitan location: the electronics industries of Madrid
  • Agglomeration ; Electronics ; Enterprise ; Export ; High-tech industry ; Industrial complex ; Industrial district ; Industrial location ; Madrid ; Research and development ; Spain
  • . Madrid's electronic industries have shown a remarkable resilience, in the face of extensive economic restructuring and the change in trade regimes that has accompanied continental integration.
  • The development of Sweden's RandD-intensive electronics industries: exports, outsourcing, and territorial distribution
  • Electronics ; Employment ; Exporting industry ; Firm strategy ; Industrial establishment ; Industrial location ; Innovation ; Production cost ; Research and development ; Sub-contracting ; Sweden
  • The AA. explore the relationship between RandD intensity, territorial distribution, subcontracting, and establishment performance in the RandD-intensive electronic industries. Their export performance is considered first (relationship
  • Electronics multinationals in the Cork region and Limerick/Shannon
  • Ownership, organization and regional dependence in the Scottish electronics industry
  • Electronic spreadsheets in planning. The case of shift-share analysis in Learning from the Past. The history of planning.
  • Environnemental reconstruction by electron microscopy
  • Microbial accumulation of iron and manganese in different aquatic environments: an electron optical study
  • This article presents a series of electron optical observations dealing with the mineralization of Fe and Mn by microorganisms in aquatic systems associated with mine-waste systems and in terrestrial hot springs in Yellowstone National Park.
  • Application and comparison of the results of optical and scanning electron microscopic methods for grain-shape examination on Quaternary formations
  • electron microscopy.
  • A tale of two industries: the restructuring of Hong Kong's garment-making and electronics industries
  • Capitalism ; Clothing industry ; Competitiveness ; Economy ; Electronics ; Flexible production ; Hong Kong ; Industrial development ; Industrial restructuring ; Industrialization ; Production cost
  • Aminostratigraphy and electron spin resonance studies of late Quaternary sea level change and coastal neotectonics in Tasmania, Australia
  • This paper examines the application of amino acid racemisation (AAR) and electron spin resonance (ESR) to dating coastal sediments in Tasmania. The principal study areas selected are the Hobart region and the northwest coast near Smithton, where
  • Electronic infrastructures and the city : some emerging municipal policy roles in the UK
  • Electronics ; Information flow ; Infrastructure ; Innovation ; Local policy ; Service ; Telecommunications ; Telematics ; Transmission network ; United Kingdom ; Urban policy