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  • The pattern of diplomatic sanctions against South Africa 1948-1994
  • South Africa was the object of a concerted international campaign of diplomatic isolation against the policy of apartheid during the era of National Party rule. Part of the isolation was self-inflicted with the rejection of states with communist
  • governments or the presence of African diplomats. Several periods are distinguished: isolation (1948-65); the diplomatic offensive (1968-77); the era of total onslaught (1977-89); the era of reform (1989-94); the inauguration of Mandela.
  • Is Politics Behind Trade? The Impact of International Trends and Diplomatic Action on Brazil's Exports during Globalisation
  • This article examines the impact of international trends and diplomatic action on Brazil's exports during globalisation. It shows how structural factors, rather than diplomatic action, influenced the direction of Brazil's exports as the country
  • Explaining foreign diplomatic presence in the U.S. with spatial models : a liberal spatial perspective
  • Diplomatic ties between countries during the Cold War, 1945-1991, are studied for the world, the USA, the Soviet Union, NATO and Warsaw Pact. With the collapse of the geopolitical arrangements of that era, embassy locations are also changing. - (DWG)
  • Diplomatic settlement of the maritime boundary between Venezuela and Colombia has been hampered by two different perspectives on the dispute. Venezuela bases its claims over gulf waters in part on its possession of the islands ( Los Monjes
  • Marco Polo not only was an experienced traveller, an important diplomat for the Chinese Emperor, and a skilled sailor for the Venetian Republic, but also, by serendipity, a great geographer. He was among the few explorers who, in the XIII century
  • the Sahara and to attempt to trace the course of the river Niger. In 1825, he was appointed to lead a diplomatic and commercial mission to the capitals of the central Sudan by way of the Guinea coast. He died in Sokoto but his reports proved useful to later
  • In 2002 China has been the first country to establish diplomatic relations with Timor-Est. Since then it has maintained a growing presence on the island as it is part of its overall expansion in SEA. China’s engagement with Timor is motivated
  • rich countries like Timor. The Chinese success is due to an increasingly sophisticated and refined diplomacy implemented by diplomats fluent in local language. However, in the eyes of the Timorese, China has emerged as a committed and much needed friend
  • Diplomatic service ; Foreign policy ; Geopolitics ; Geostrategy ; International relations ; Political geography ; Russia
  • . In recent times the solving of pending issues has gained in importance on the diplomatic and commercial agenda of the rising global players. - (IfL)
  • made their Chinese-language world maps. Sambiasi was a man of many talents. He was a tactful diplomat and a learned scientist. His world map shows him to be a skilful adapter of earlier knowledge, which he passed on to future generations. The six known