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  • Measurement of atmospheric radioactivity in Cracow
  • Atmosphere ; Cracow ; Isotope analysis ; Poland ; Pollution ; Precipitation ; Radioactivity ; Town ; Tritium
  • Radioactivity of several components of atmosphere in Cracow is measured continuously or periodicaly in the framework of international cooperation. The paper describes some results of measurement of tritium, 222Rn, 85Kr and others.
  • Long-term observations of cloud cover in Cracow (1792-1999)
  • Climate ; Climatic variability ; Cloud ; Cloud cover ; Cracow ; Data base ; Nineteenth Century ; Poland ; Twentieth Century
  • Cracow's series of nephological observations is unique in Europe. Neither the place of observations nor the methods of estimation of the degree of cloud cover nor the definition of cloud genera have changed significantly for about one hundred years
  • . This paper presents therefore the database of cloudiness in Cracow and its possible applications on both the local and global scale.
  • The diagnosis of climate change in Cracow against a background of circulation and local conditions
  • Atmospheric circulation ; Climatic variation ; Climatic warming ; Cracow ; Local climate ; Poland ; Radiation ; Temperature ; Urban climate ; Urbanization
  • The multi-annual variability of thermal, solar and cloudiness conditions in Cracow was examined from the point of view of the impact of natural and anthropogenic factors on the climate change. The analysis concerned the annual air temperature range
  • Infrastructural determinants of spatial structure in Cracow's suburban zone - a case study of the Michalowice and Zabierzow communities
  • Cracow ; Infrastructure ; Land use ; Municipality ; Poland ; Spatial structure ; Suburbanization
  • Suburbanization processes are modifying the functioning of Cracow's surroundings.Migration flows are changing the demographic and social structure of formerly rural areas, this occurring in relation to infrastructural development and land-use
  • changes. Spatial transformations from rural to urban space are among the most readily measurable ones.Analyses of land-uses changes in selected areas of the two communes, directly adjacent to Cracow, provided and answer to the main research question
  • Subboreal « black oaks » identified from the Vistula alluvia at Grabie near Cracow-South Poland)
  • Cracow ; Dendrochronology ; Dendrology ; Fluvial deposit ; Fluvial processes ; Oak ; Poland ; Sedimentology ; Valley ; Wisła
  • Air temperature ; Cracow ; Diurnal variation ; Human bioclimatology ; Interannual variability ; Poland ; Temperature ; Years 1830-39 ; Years 1990-99
  • The paper presents the analysis of the variability and tendencies of change (trends) of unfavourable biothermal conditions in Cracow. The study used the diurnal records of air temperature from Cracow in the years 1826-2002. It was concluded
  • The structure and age of the Drwień depression interrupting the Vistula flood-plain east of Cracow (South Poland)
  • Cracow ; Dating ; Floodplain ; Fluvial deposit ; Fluvial processes ; Meander ; Palaeovalley ; Poland ; River bed ; Sedimentology ; Valley floor evolution ; Wisła
  • Flat-floored depressions without traces of paleomeanders occur frequently on the Vistula flood plain within the Sandomierz Basin. One of this, the Drwień depression extends along the southern Vistula valley side between Cracow and Niepołomice
  • Growing in cities: studies of the spatial environment of adolescence in Cracow, Melbourne, Mexico City, Salta, Toluca and Warszawa.
  • Cracow ; Geography ; History of geography ; History of sciences ; Institution ; Little Poland ; Nineteenth Century ; Poland ; Scientific knowledge ; Twentieth Century
  • The Geographical Commission created in t 1924 by the Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences was active in the inter-War period for some 14 years. After the Second World War it was re-established by the Cracow Branch of the Polish Academy of Sciences
  • as the Commission of Geographical Sciences. A year ago the Commission underwent a change of name and was reactivated by the Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences. The described changes are a part of the history of the scientific geographical centre in Cracow. – (BJ)
  • Towards a multidisciplinary and integrated strategy in the assessment of adverse health effects related to air pollution : the case study of Cracow (Poland) and asthma
  • Atmospheric pollution ; Biological indicator ; Cracow ; Geographical information system ; Health ; Poland ; Pollution ; Town ; Urban district
  • Origin and palaeoclimatic significance of the Pleistocene slope covers in the Cracow Upland, southern Poland
  • Periglacial slope covers in the southern part of the Cracow Upland can be grouped in 5 genetic categories : slope loess, washed loess, weathered debris, scree deposits, low-density flow deposits, and solifluctites or high-density flow deposits
  • Atmosphere ; Carbon dioxide ; Cracow ; Geochemistry ; Human impact ; Isotope analysis ; Poland ; Pollution ; Town
  • Systematic investigations of the isotopic composition in atmospheric CO2 and its concentration in Cracow urban area have been carried on. Continuous sampling at biweekly intervals was supplemented by series of samples representing four-hour periods
  • Human impact and intensity of aeolian processes in the Silesian-Cracow Upland (Southern Poland)
  • The evolution of the Vistula river valley between Cracow and Niepołomice in late Vistulian and Holocene times
  • Climatic fluctuations in Cracow city, 1826-1975
  • Air temperature ; Atmospheric circulation ; Climatic data ; Climatic variability ; Climatic warming ; Cloud cover ; Cracow ; Global change ; Meteorology ; Poland ; Precipitation ; Rainstorm ; Twentieth Century
  • This paper aims to determine the relationships between air temperature, cloudiness and precipitation in Cracow, Poland, on the basis of a long-term homogeneous series of meteorological observations. It is also a contribution to the discussion
  • Air temperature ; Atmospheric pressure ; Bioclimatology ; Cracow ; Mine ; Moisture ; Poland ; Salt ; Wind speed
  • The paper presents the results of bioclimatic research carried out in the salt mine in Wieliczka in the vicinity of Cracow. On the two levels (221 and 260 m under the ground) we have measured air temperature and humidity, air pressure
  • Atlas ; City;Town ; Cracow ; Poland ; Urban area ; Urban structure
  • Cracow ; Economic development ; Forecast ; Little Poland ; Poland ; Regional development ; Rural area ; Rural society ; Scenario ; Tourism
  • and development of the tourist areas and the city of Cracow and its surroundings as well. Five possible scenarios for development of Małopolska’s countryside over the next several years were proposed respectively for regions that are tentatively identified
  • as: the Cracow region, mountain tourism region, foothills region, northern agricultural region and Silesian-Cracow region. – (BJ)
  • Méthode et orientations dans l'aménagement des centres villes polonais: exemples de Cracow, Rzeszow et Nowy Sacz. (MBG).