GIS Web technologies for delivery of coastal zone information

CoastGIS'99 : géomatique et environnement littoral (Brest, 9-11 septembre 1999)

CoastGIS '99 : geomatics and coastal environmental

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IDG (UK) Limited, EC Projects Office, Neihaff, 9161 Ingeldorf, Luxembourg

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It is impossible to manage the coastal zone without use of Geographic Information (GI) in a variety of different forms, from different sources, presented to end-users in different ways for different purposes. Manipulating GI is the role of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and a host of related technologies ranging from remote sensing to digital image processing, from techniques for modeling the processes under investigation to advanced data visualization tools for presenting the results. This paper examines the extent to which GIS tools and related Information and Imaging Technologies (IIT) have advanced in recent years. Can these new tools assist the researcher and manager in Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM), especially in regard to delivery of information in a variety of ways, useful for a wide range of purposes, via appropriate media and mechanisms? Are current GIS and related ITT tools sufficient for the information processing and dissemination tasks facing these people, especially in regard to the temporal aspect of coastal zone GI? Are there barriers to making these tools more useful and can such barriers be removed? Is putting GI on the Web the key issue, or only one way in which the Internet can be useful? The paper concludes with a list of problems and potential barriers to better and wider use of the Internet for Coastal Zone (CZ) information discovery, processing and dissemination.

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CoastGIS '99. Colloque, Brest, France, 1999-09-09, Actes de colloques - IFREMER, issn : 0761-3962, 2000, n°. 25, p. 30-42, Références bibliographiques : 5 ref.

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isbn : 2-84433-036-3

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Pays édition : France, Plouzané, Institut français de recherche pour l'exploitation de la mer

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