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  • The Hudson's Bay Company's archives: a resource for historical geography
  • Archives ; Canada ; Géographie historique ; Histoire de la géographie ; Hudson's Bay Company ; Siècle XVII-XIX
  • Canada ; Front pionnier ; Géographie historique ; Histoire de la géographie ; Hudson Bay Company ; Manitoba ; Révolte des Métis ; Siècle XVIII-XIX
  • De nombreux métis, francophones à partir du Saint-Laurent, anglophones provenant de la Hudson Bay Company, constituent les nations bois brûlés fixées sur la Rivière Rouge, du XVIII au XIX s. Louis Riel, en 1869, prend la tête de la résistance aux
  • exactions de nombreux membres de la Hudson Bay Company et des pionniers de la poussée vers l'ouest. Le gouvernement du Canada finit par intervenir: Riel est capturé en 1878 et mis à mort. (FG).
  • Macro-historical geography and the great chartered companies: the case of the Hudson's Bay Company
  • The Nineteenth-Century fisheries of the Hudson's Bay Company trading posts on Lake Superior: a biogeographical study
  • The Company's Island : Saint Helena, Company colonies and the colonial endeavour
  • Company, which had to bring in settlers from Britain, Africa and elsewhere. Tensions between soldiers and settlers, whites and blacks, Company interests and those of the Crown became unbearable. This study exemplifies the difficulties the Company
  • ROYLE, S.
  • A substantial advance in value : land sales and values on the Hudson's Bay Company's Edmonton reserve
  • The validity of some theories of economic geography is tested on the basis of financial statement data. The performances of these enterprises are analysed in these three functional urban regions. The average companies in the centre of the research
  • area show weaker financial performances than those in the periphery. The same pattern emerges if focused solely on trade companies. For industrial companies, the reversal of the centre-periphery relations is not obvious.
  • Exploring patterns of company takeovers in New Zealand
  • A two-way table showing the incidence of company takeovers by headquarter location is analysed using exploratory data analysis (EDA). The median polish technique is applied and the fitted model is represented graphically. The data
  • In the process of technological upgrading and innovation, high-tech-companies in China make use of knowledge created in foreign companies or in universities and public research organisations. The article is based on a quantitative survey among high
  • -tech-companies in China's both most innovative regions that captures the firm's cooperation patterns. The findings presented in the article confirm that Chinese high-tech-companies are linked to both sources of knowledge from different sources
  • Amérindiens ; Canada ; Commerce des fourrures ; Comportement économique ; Concurrence ; Formation des prix ; Géographie historique ; Histoire de la géographie ; Hudson's Bay Company ; Manitoba ; Marché ; Profit ; Siècle 19-20
  • Minatitlan (Mexiko)-zur Sozialtopographie einer company town in der Dritten Welt. (Minatitlan (Mexique)-vers la topographie sociale d'une company town dans le Tiers-Monde)
  • Compagnie pétrolière ; Company town ; Crise économique ; Disparité sociale ; Dépendance économique ; Géographie de l'Amérique ; Mexique ; Minatitlan ; Mobilité sociale ; Pétrole ; Société urbaine ; Structure urbaine ; Système économique ; Tiers
  • L'étude de la ville de Minatitlan (Mexique) en 1983 a permis de dégager les caractéristiques générales des company towns dans le Tiers-Monde. Minatitlan est étroitement liée à la compagnie pétrolière nationale PEMEX. Au moment de cette étude, une
  • de la compagnie consolidait ses avantages. Cela prouve que la ville société est caractérisée par des disparités très fortes, mais aussi par une inégale distribution des risques sociaux. (S. Beaufils).
  • Building a better-class district : the Hudson's Bay Company's Edmonton housing scheme
  • R and D intensity in the affiliates of US owned electronics companies manufacturing in Scotland
  • YOUNG, S.
  • The effect of regional investment incentives on company decisions
  • McDOWALL, S.
  • and less advanced yet. Much less companies are privatized (companies with foreign participation, worker’s companies and/or companies with Polish non-public sector participation). On the other hand, much more are public companies (single-personality local
  • authority companies, local government companies, municipal union ownership, municipal companies and/or budgetary workshops). Moreover, in 20 centres urban transport is proved by general municipal services enterprises. - (BJ)
  • Transnational companies are going global : the case of Philips
  • Liberalization policies and foreign companies in Accra, Ghana
  • To redress the deficiency of globalization studies in the periphery of the world economy, The A. examines globalization empirically from the ground upwards through an analysis of foreign companies. The evidence points to growing inclusion in, rather
  • than exclusion from, the world economy, to increasing service-sector rather than extractive-sector investment, and to foreign companies producing for local and regional markets as well as for international markets.
  • Nowadays the Geographical Survey Institute is in Japan the most important organism for making scientific, systematic and accurate urban maps. To meet demands for much more detailed, updated town information, private companies publish urban maps
  • Political relations, cooperation of socio-political organizations, economic relations (visible Trade, services of yugoslav shipping companies, industrial and investment cooperation, financial and banking cooperation), cooperation in the fields
  • Europe ; European Union ; Firm strategy ; Foreign investment ; Globalization ; Multinational firm ; Subsidiary company ; Supplying
  • YOUNG, S.