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  • Community, corruption, landscape : tales from the tree trade
  • The AA. consider what happened to a tribal villager in Ranchi District, Jharkhand when he sought permission to cut down 10 jack trees on his private land. It is a tale not just of corruption and delays, but also of colluding interests across
  • the state-community divide. They consider how this system has changed, and how the price of jackfruit increased, when trade in this timber was deregulated in the 1990s. These tales are revisited in considering what they might tell us about some of the claims
  • KUMAR, S.
  • Development New Zealand: a tale of employment in three metropolitan regions
  • Untersuchungen an Quellen der subalpinen Molasse. Ein Beitrag zur Beurteilung der unterirdischen Abflussbildung in Teilbereichen des Gunzesrieder Tales
  • SEELING, S., (Editeur scientifique)
  • A tale of two industries: the restructuring of Hong Kong's garment-making and electronics industries
  • CHIU, S.
  • On the contours of public space : a tale of three women
  • The AA. suggest that there are significant but neglected connections between the regulation of public space to which S. Hall was subjected at New York in 1879 and the exclusionary effects associated with the regulation of public spaces in western
  • Contextualising gender empowerment at the grassroots : a tale of two policy initiatives
  • RAJU, S.
  • Azores ; Image ; Landscape ; Perception ; Traveller's tale
  • Local nuances in the perception of nature protection and place attachment : a tale of two parks
  • Didactics ; Form of transport ; Location ; Migration ; Place ; Practical work ; Teaching of geography ; Traveller's tale ; United States of America
  • HULL, S.
  • History of geography ; Philosophy ; The 1910's ; Traveller's tale
  • A tale of two towns. Afhankelijkheid, industrialisatie en regionale ontwikkeling in West-Maleisië.. (A tale of two towns. Dependency, industrialization and regional development in peninsular Malaysia)
  • A tale of two cities : reestablishing cultural identities in Eastern Europe
  • The paper is based on the A.'s observations of contemporary cultural landscapes in the cities of Krakow and Lviv, which prompted the analysis of the observed differences through the prism of Jewish minority dynamics. With parallel histories
  • A walk in the Tuileries and other tales of love
  • The tale of the tape : making video viewing more thoughtful
  • Biogeography: a happy ending to the fairy tale?
  • The myth of non-partisan cartography: the tale continued
  • Canary Islands ; Eighteenth Century ; History of geography ; Traveller's tale
  • Roll on Columbia : woody Guthrie, migrant's tales, and regional transformation in the Pacific Northwest
  • : migrant's tales and the progressive force of electrification. The paper concludes with an examination of Woody Guthrie as narrator and finds that he was primarily a social documentarist in the Collection. - (SLD)
  • A tale of two NICs : Hong Kong and Singapore at the crossroads
  • Income relationship in Boston and Toronto: a tale of two countries?