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  • C/C and S/S ratios in magmatic gases from ridge volcanism in Afar
  • Evidence for variability of magmatic processes and upper mantle heterogeneity in the axial region of the mid-atlantic ridge near 22 and 36 N
  • Magmatic gases extracted and analysed from ocean floor volcanics
  • Magmatic evolution of the northern Antarctic Peninsula in Gondwana Five. Selected papers and abstracts of papers.
  • Orogenetic geosynclinal and magmatic cycles are controlled by worldwide lateral motions. To the end of herzynian cycle are in the area of Werdau-Hainichen trough and permocarboniferous basins in the northwestern part of CSSR eight or ten changes
  • of tectonic course. In times of dilation and while changes of tectonic direction intruded Hercynian magmatic bodies. (HL).
  • The granitoides of the southern part of the GDR may be considered as crustal anatexites generated in connection with the posttectogenic tectono-magmatic activation together with a regional metamorphism and postmagmatic ore deposits. The supply
  • On the basis of the petrologic characteristics and the lithostratigraphy of the Precambrian-Lower Palaeozoic metamorphites of the Ore Mountains the development of sedimentation areas and the chronological and regional course of tectonic, magmatic
  • to shields, the type of the shelf crust exists, as illustrated by Central and Western Europe. The geosynclinal, tectogenetic and magmatic development conditioned by the drift in this shelf crust region is described in outline. The geotectonic events
  • seems to be controlled by magmatic influences as well as by the effect of temperature on groundwaters.