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  • Response of active tectonics on the alluvial Baghmati River, Himalayan foreland basin, eastern India
  • Tropical rivers
  • This study allows a look at the response of both types of tilting namely, longitudinal tilting and lateral tilting, on the river system. The AA. use a series of historical maps, sequential satellite images, and field visits coupled with recently
  • compiled data on sub-surface faults and seismicity of the region to show that the rivers of the north Bihar plains have responded to slow and subtle tectonic movements.
  • Fluvial process and morphology of the Brahmaputra River in Assam, India
  • Tropical rivers
  • An attempt has been made in this paper to discuss the fluvial processes and morphological aspects of the river Brahmaputra within Assam, especially from its upper reach. The channel of the Brahmaputra River has been migrating because of channel
  • Rivers turned to rock : Late Quaternary alluvial induration influencing the behaviour and morphology of an anabranching river in the Australian monsoon tropics
  • Tropical rivers
  • Late Quaternary alluvial induration has greatly influenced contemporary channel morphology on the anabranching Gilbert River in the monsoon tropics of the Gulf of Carpentaria. A tropical climate and reactive catchment lithology have enhanced
  • chemical weathering and lithification of alluvium along the river resulting in the formation of small rapids, waterfalls and inset gorges, features characteristic more of bedrock than alluvial systems.
  • Neotectonics and channel evolution of the Lower Ivinhema River : a right-bank tributary of the Paraná River, Brazil
  • Tropical rivers
  • Using terrace mapping, sediment composition, C 14 and thermoluminescence dating, and morphostructural analysis, this paper presents the composed longitudinal profile and the structural analysis of the lower course of the Ivinhema River. The tectonic
  • model of the study area constitutes a sequence of NW tilting fault-blocks formed from antithetic faults that control channel sinuosity, longitudinal profile, floodplain distribution and valley asymmetry. The present river channel has a higher sinuosity
  • Morphologic changes in the Paraná River channel (Argentina) in the light of the climate variability during the 20th century
  • Tropical rivers
  • Recent studies regarding the climate variability in South America during the 20th century, revealed the existence of climate cycles that influenced the hydrologic conditions in the Paraná River basin. How that variability affected the channel
  • morphology of this river in its middle reach is quantitatively analyzed in this paper. The link between climate, hydrology and channel morphology is obtained through the computation of effective discharge. The analysis involved the processing of more than 180
  • bathymetric charts, satellite images and hydraulic and sedimentologic data recorded in the Paraná River since the very beginning of the 20th century.
  • River avulsions on the Taquari megafan, Pantanal wetland, Brazil
  • Tropical rivers
  • to characterize avulsion in different geomorphologic segments of the river based on the analysis of satellite images, airphoto interpretation, overflights with photographic documentation, as well as fieldwork along the master channel.
  • The sinuous bedrock channel of the Tapi River, Central India : its form and processes
  • Tropical rivers
  • The late Quaternary evolution of the Negro River, Amazon, Brazil : implications for island and floodplain formation in large anabranching tropical systems
  • Tropical rivers
  • The progradational behavior of the Rio Negro, filling tectonic basins as successive sediment traps with sand in the upper basins and fines in the downstream ones, illustrates how a large river system responses to profound changes in Late Quaternary
  • Tropical rivers
  • The AA. use a hydraulic model to produce estimates of discharge based on PSI (Palaeo-Stage Indicator) evidence from large floods for a study reach of the Mae Chaem River, Thailand. This study utilised several modern , gauged floods as the basis
  • Tropical rivers
  • By using the regional case of the Oubangui River drainage area in Central Africa, the aim of this study is to focus on the intensity and frequency of flood hazards over the past 90 years at the site of Bangui. It will be discussed if the statistical
  • Tropical rivers
  • Alluvial plain ; Bihar ; Floodplain ; Ganges River ; Geomorphology ; Hydrodynamics ; Hydrological regime ; India ; Neotectonics ; Sediment budget ; Sediment transport ; Stream ; UttarPradesh