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  • Channel changes due to river regulation : the case of the Piave River, Italy
  • Special issue : Changing times-Changing rivers
  • This paper deals with the channel changes of the Piave River in the Eastern Alps, Italy, which have occurred during this century in response to human interventions in the fluvial system. The flow regime and the sediment supply of the river have been
  • pattern has changed from braided to wandering. The observed trends of channel change suggest than the river has not yet reached a new equilibrium condition.
  • Deposition and storage of fine-grained sediment within the main channel system of the River Tweed, Scotland
  • Special issue : Changing times-Changing rivers
  • Floodplain ; Geochemistry ; Isotope analysis ; River bed ; Scotland ; Sediment budget ; Sedimentation ; Stream ; Suspended load ; United Kingdom ; Watershed
  • This paper assesses the importance of deposition and storage of fine-grained (c.
  • Temporal and spatial variability in thalweg profiles of a gravel-bed river
  • Special issue : Changing times-Changing rivers
  • California ; Channel geometry ; Flood ; Gravel ; Longitudinal section ; River bed ; Sediment load ; Spatial variation ; Stream ; United States of America
  • This study used successive longitudinal thalweg profiles in gravel-bed rivers to monitor changes in bed topography following floods and associated large sediment inputs. Variations in channel bed elevations, distributions of residual water depths
  • Special issue : Changing times-Changing rivers
  • on morphogenic criteria and has a clear morphographic content together with some morphometric elements. The temporal evolution in regional landform patterns may be interpreted through examination of relic surfaces, river beds and beach ridges represented
  • on the map. The map also highlights the effects of human impacts on the evolution of the river system and coastal zone.
  • Pore water pressure and streambank stability : results from a monitoring site on the Sieve River, Italy
  • Special issue : Changing times-Changing rivers
  • Special issue : Changing times-Changing rivers
  • The study basin selected is the catchment of the Kluda River situated in the central part of West Pomerania. The study is based on hydrological and hydrochemical data from the period 1990-1993. Variations in the physical and chemical parameters
  • Special issue : Changing times-Changing rivers