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  • Estimating the probability of river channel adjustment
  • England ; Flood ; Fluvial hydrology ; Human impact ; Land use ; Model ; Regression analysis ; River bed ; River management ; United Kingdom ; Urbanization ; Watershed
  • Data obtained from the Thames Basin, southeast England, are used in a probabilistic approach to differentiate between four styles of river channel adjustment and a variety of drainage basin characteristics. This approach could thus allow
  • Challenges and objectives for geomorphology in U.K. river management
  • Applied geomorphology ; Bank erosion ; Drainage ; England ; Flood ; Floodplain ; Fluvial erosion ; Fluvial processes ; Human impact ; River management ; United Kingdom ; Wales ; Watershed
  • This paper reviews some of the challenges and objectives in the application of fluvial geomorphology to improved river management in the U.K. It describes the mechanisms by which geomorphology can be applied to solve problems, including
  • the development of design guidance, policy, management approaches, procedures and training. Perhaps some of the most significant challenges for luvial geomorphology in U.K. river management during the next decade will concern river and floodplain restoration.
  • Channel geometry ; Discharge ; England ; Flood ; Floodplain ; Fluvial hydrology ; Methodology ; River management ; Stream flow ; United Kingdom
  • All river engineering schemes require flood discharge estimates as part of the design and appraisal process. Research on the interrelationship of stream channel geometry and river discharge has provided the basis for an indirect method of flood
  • estimation, the channel-geometry method, which employs river channel dimensions alone to estimate discharge characteristics at ungauged river sites. Channel-geometry equations are developed empirically by relating streamflow data from gauging stations
  • and channel dimensions measured from natural river reaches in the vicinity of the gauge, and take the form of power function relations.
  • A review of mathematical models of river planform changes
  • Bangladesh ; Bank erosion ; Fluvial processes ; Longitudinal section ; Mathematical model ; Meander ; Model ; River bed ; Simulation ; Stream
  • The A. discusses a two-dimensional depth-averaged model, various meander models and a model for the braided Brahmaputra-Jamuna River in Bangladesh. Emphasis is placed on the need for future research rather than on model applications. The models help
  • Sediment-related river maintenance: the role of fluvial geomorphology
  • This paper addresses the role that fluvial geomorphology might play in the management of sediment-related river maintenance in the U.K. A methodology for conducting a geomorphological survey, or fluvial audit, is presented, which synthesizes
  • historical data on the catchment land-use and channel network, with contemporary morphological maps to present a statement of the location and type of sediment supply, transport and storage within the river basin under scrutinity. Case studies from two
  • catchments are explored: the River Sence, a fine sediment system, and the Shelf Brook, a coarse sediment system.
  • Applied geomorphology ; Bank erosion ; Floodplain ; Fluvial processes ; Geotechnics ; Hydraulic works ; Model ; River management ; Stream flow ; Vegetation
  • The Spey Bay coastline and the estuary of the River Spey exhibit a rapidly evolving planform. They provide an opportunity to study geomorphological changes in a coupled coastal/estuarine system which can be measured over hours and days rather than