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  • Modern sedimentation in the Lower Negro River, Amazonas State, Brazil
  • Geomorphology on large rivers. Special issue
  • The aim of this paper is to discuss the sedimentation that currently occurs in the Negro River, and to demonstrate how the modern deposition and water quality in this river system are controlled by regional neotectonism.
  • The Holocene alluvial plain of the middle Amazon River, Brazil
  • Geomorphology on large rivers. Special issue
  • Alluvial plain ; Amazonas River ; Braided channel ; Brazil ; Channel geometry ; Climatic variation ; Holocene ; Longitudinal section ; Model ; Neotectonics ; Remote sensing ; Stream
  • The fluvial belt of the Amazon River is a complex of Quaternary sedimentary units of different ages and formation conditions. Present position of the channel and the morphology and size of the alluvial plain are related to neo-tectonic lineaments
  • . The river may be considered anastomosed, albeit with few islands and anabranches. The main Holocene units are the impeded floodplain and the channel-dominated floodplain. This very large river system had a complex and delayed response to variations
  • Hydraulic and morphological characteristics of middle and upper reaches of the Paraná River (Argentina and Brazil)
  • Geomorphology on large rivers. Special issue
  • Argentina ; Brazil ; Carrying capacity ; Channel geometry ; Confluent ; Drainage network ; River bed ; Sediment transport ; Sedimentology ; South America ; Stream ; Suspended load ; Water regime
  • The objective of this paper is to analyze the major hydraulic, morphological and sedimentological features of the Paraná River upstream and downstream of the confluence with the Paraguay River in order to evaluate the influence of this major
  • Geomorphic analysis of large alluvial rivers
  • Geomorphology on large rivers. Special issue
  • This paper presents a framework and blueprint for geomorphic studies of large rivers developed in the course of basic, strategic and project-related investigations of a number of large rivers. The framework demonstrates the need to begin geomorphic
  • studies early in the pre-feasibility stage of a river project and carry them through to implementation and post-project appraisal. The blueprint breaks down the multi-layered and multi-scaled complexity of a comprehensive geomorphic study into a number
  • Evaluation of part of the Mekong River using satellite imagery
  • Geomorphology on large rivers. Special issue
  • The AA. report on 14,000 km2 of the middle basin of the Mekong River in Lao People's Democratic Republic. They concentrate on channel forms and processes, temporal changes and potential environment impact due to proposed development projects
  • Computational fluid dynamics and the physical modelling of an upland urban river
  • Geomorphology on large rivers. Special issue
  • This paper describes the application of a commercially available, three-dimensional computational fluid dynamic (CFD) model to simulate the flow structure in an upland river that is prone to flooding. Simulations use a rectangular channel geometry
  • Streamflow regulation and multi-level flood plain formation : channel narrowing on the aggrading Green River in the eastern Uinta Mountains, Colorado and Utah
  • Geomorphology on large rivers. Special issue
  • Geomorphology on large rivers. Special issue
  • Amazonas River ; Coastal plain ; Delta ; Discharge ; Ecosystem ; Flood ; Hydrodynamics ; Sedimentology ; South America ; Suspended load ; Tectonics ; Tropical zone ; Venezuela ; Watershed
  • image and historical aerial photograph analyses, and a series of delta expeditions. The AA. briefly describe the geomorphic features and associated water and sediment dynamics of the Orinoco drainage basin and river system. Finally, they summarize major
  • Geomorphology on large rivers. Special issue
  • with airborne multispectral imagery. Field surveys were conducted on the Snake River, Soda Butte Creek, and Cache Creek in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, USA. The AA. suggest a broad hypothesis for explaining woody debris distributions in mountain systems.
  • Geomorphology on large rivers. Special issue
  • Alluvial plain ; Bank erosion ; Biodiversity ; Climatic variation ; Fluvial dynamics ; Human impact ; Human occupation ; Italy ; Land use ; Northern Italy ; Po ; Quaternary ; River bed ; Stream
  • Geomorphology on large rivers. Special issue