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  • Linking river channel form and process: time, space and causality revisited
  • Alps (The) ; Carrying capacity ; Channel geometry ; Chaos ; Determinism ; Fluvial processes ; Meander ; Model ; River bed ; Stream ; Switzerland ; Turbulence
  • This paper aims to illustrate the implications of one particular case study, in the Swiss Alps, for the understanding of the relationship between river channel form and process, and to raise some of the methodological issues associated with small
  • -scale site-specific research. 3 related themes are considered: the nature of the link between channel form and process revealed by intensive study of a dynamic river system; the significance of the conditional role of channel geomorphology in this link
  • 1997
  • Cosmogenic isotope analyses applied to river longitudinal profile evolution: problems and interpretations
  • Channel geometry ; Dating ; Erosion rate ; Geochemistry ; Hawaii ; Isotope analysis ; Longitudinal section ; River bed ; Stream
  • This paper presents an effort to link a field-based study with surface exposure dating techniques to understand river longitudinal profile evolution. The study was aimed at improving the understanding of the rates and processes governing bedrock
  • channel incision. Samples to be analysed for cosmogenic isotopes were collected along a river profile and both radionuclide and stable nuclide concentrations were measured in the rocks. Specifically the nuclides 10Be, 26Al,36Cl,21Ne and 3He allow direct
  • 1997
  • of the master drainage below an Early Wisconsin terrace to the present river level, followed by base level stability. As a result, Early Wisconsin alluvial surfaces on the shale have been dissected up to 62m into steep badlands, and a Holocene alluvial surface
  • 1997