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  • The characteristics of overbank deposits associated with a major flood event in the catchment of the River Ouse, Yorkshire, UK
  • A high magnitude flood event in the catchment of the River Ouse, UK, in January and February 1995, afforded a valuable opportunity to collect representative samples of the associated overbank sediment deposits at various locations throughout
  • in the local rivers in order to investigate the particle size selectivity of conveyance losses during overbank flood events.
  • 1997
  • Use of fallout 137Cs in investigations of overbank sediment deposition on river floodplains
  • floodplain sediments will be discussed, and the primary factors influencing the distribution of Cs 137 in the sediment will be examined. The results obtained from a case study of a floodplain reach of the River Stour, Dorset, UK, will be used to illustrate
  • 1997