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  • Palaeoflood analysis of channel-fill deposits, central Tapti river basin, India
  • The Quaternary sediments exposed on the banks of the river Aner which is a tributary of the river Tapti, near Piloda (district Dhule), western India, reveal 3 channel-fill structures, spatially at the same level. The AA. therefore present here
  • an example of small scale avulsion from the Quaternary alluvial deposits of the Tapti river basin, and discuss the palaeohydrologic significance.
  • Kuwait as an alluvial fan of a paleo-river
  • Mountains. Satellite data confirm that: a) the fan-shaped channels and ridges in western Kuwait are remnants of a fan-shaped deposit of an ancient river; and b) the river drained the Hijaz Mountains in Western Saudi Arabia. These conclusions have significant
  • implications on the possible occurrence of additional groundwater resources and archaeological sites along the dry river channel.
  • Profile form and channel gradient variation within an upland drainage basin - River Noe, Derbyshire
  • The analysis focuses on profile form and channel slope along the River Noe and its 6 largest tributaries. The basin is underlain by 3 main lithologies, sandstone, shale and limestone. Channel bed slope is steep in upstream reaches and the streams
  • The alluvial gravels in the Sabarmati river basin were deposited in a huge graben bounded by faults related to Cambay basin tectonics. The gravels were accumulated in the depression by an ancient Sabarmati in the form of debris and stream flows
  • as revealed by their lithological and textural characteristics. The present Sabarmati behaving as an erosional river has only exposed the gravels along its high cliffs from Valasana in the north to Sadra in the south, defining the proximal and distal
  • Morphological and mathematical analysis of asymmetrical fluvial pattern: a study case from the Ucayali River (Peru)
  • Etude géomorphologique et stratigraphique d'un complexe glaciaire de macro-cannelures dans le bassin inférieur du Red Deer River, au sud de L'Alberta, afin d'établir un modèle génétique relatif à l'avancée de la glace pendant le dernier maximum
  • On the connection between landslides and nickpoints along the Satluj River course, Higher Himalaya, India
  • This paper examines the floodplain structure in a region of rapid subsidence, neotectonic disturbances, and frequent avulsion of rivers, and appraises the process responsible for the overall evolution of the floodplains. Investigations through
  • This study demonstrates that historic flood-induced channel changes have not only occurred on major trunk rivers but in small tributary catchments as well. Another major focus is to address the relevance of not only external controls
  • Channel ; Channel geometry ; Concept ; Fluvial dynamics ; France ; Garonne ; Habitat ; Human impact ; Hydraulic works ; Hydrosystem ; Impact ; Midi-Pyrénées ; Riparian vegetation ; River bed ; Sediment load ; Stream ; Twentieth Century