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  • Migration in the Czech Republic
  • Czech Republic ; Czechoslovakia ; Emigration ; Immigration ; International migration ; Labour migration ; Migratory flow ; Slovak Republic
  • Most important trends in the international migration on the territory of Czech Republic since 1918. The long year negative migration balance have changed to positive ones. Labor migration from former eastern block countries plays the decisive role
  • in immigration to the Czech Republic. Both data for legal and illegal migration are analysed. - (MS)
  • Woodland conservation in the Republic of Ireland
  • Fertility changes in the Republic of Ireland during the 1970s
  • The politics of the Yemen Arab Republic.
  • The Mongolian People's Republic today
  • Immigration policy in the Czech Republic
  • Czech Republic ; Foreigner ; Immigration ; Immigration policy ; Migration
  • The immigration policy during nineties. Harmonization with the EU members in the main aim. Some important changes brought new law since 1.1.2000. Basic information about integration programme for immigrants in the Czech Republic is given. - (MS)
  • Trends in fertility in the Czech Republic and Slovakia in the end of 20th century
  • Comparative study ; Czech Republic ; Demography ; Fertility ; Slovak Republic
  • A comparative study of fertility development in both republic covers the main periods : the course of demographic revolution (1920-1940) and the development of fertility level after the World War II. Total fertility rate, mean age of women
  • Labour migration in Cameroun Republic
  • Dominican Republic.
  • Regional inequalities in the People's Republic of China
  • Counterurbanization in the Federal Republic of Germany
  • A note on transport problems and economic development in the Republic of Sudan
  • Economic growth and structure in the Republic of Korea, 1977
  • Select bibliography of agriculture in the Black homelands and the Republic of Transkei
  • Republic of South Africa: is partition a solution?
  • The 1981 and February 1982 general elections in the Republic of Ireland
  • Port traffic in the Irish Republic: the 1970's
  • The distribution of population and medical facilities in the Arab Republic of Yemen
  • Quaternary stratigraphy of the German Democratic Republic in Quaternary glaciations in the Northern Hemisphere.
  • Human settlements in the People's Republic of China.