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  • Zur Talgeschichte zwischen Domodossola und Locarno : Valle d'Ossola, Val Vigezzo (Prov. di Novara) - Centovalli (Kt. Tessin), 1. Teil (Géomorphogenèse de la vallée entre Domodossola et Locarno : Valle d'Ossola, Val Vigezzo (Prov. di Novara
  • Arachnofaune ; Belgique ; Brabant, prov. ; Géographie physique ; Walenboscomplex ; Zoogéographie
  • A review of a research project on the arachnofauna of the litter layer, which was executed by use of pitfall traps, is given. At the Walenboscomplex (prov. Brabant, Belgium) a number of different ecotopes were sampled. A first species list
  • Analytical study by X Ray diffrection and Scanning Microscope of highly weathered prehistoric flints. Thanks to ressembling of debitage products, differently weathered though they are coming from the same core, it is proved that a part of the silica
  • Utilisation de trois indices, chimique, diatomique et biocénotique, pour l'évaluation de la qualité de l'eau de la Joncquière, rivière calcaire polluée par le village de Doische (Belgique, Prov. Namur)
  • Les groupes socio-écologiques de la flore messicole calcicole de la Belgique et description de trois stations-refuges à Tellin (Prov. de Luxembourg)
  • Field survey of weathering sites in the Wyborg rapakivi area indicates that saprolites are far more common in the central part of the massif than in the marginal areas. Many till-covered saprolites and parautochthonous crust-tills prove
  • Case studies are presented of the most active lightning storms of 1985 and 1986. Relationships between meteorological parameters and lightning strike distribution are presented. The relationship may prove useful in the suppression of lightning
  • This paper demonstrates that chemical surface textures can be produced on quartz grain surfaces by saturated salt solutions in a short period of time and may prove to be representative of chemical surface textures produced in a saturated saline
  • There is an assymetry in development of doline, which is proved by physical and chemical characteristics of soils of dolines and the compound of vegetation according to exposure. - (DLO)
  • Two of the oldest paleosols on Mount Kenya are studied to determine if extractable Fe and Al might prove useful in the interpretation of present and past soil-forming environments.
  • By a study of heavy minerals in the present soils of the north of the French Massif Central, it is proved that volcanic ashes from the Chaine des Puys were pushed by the winds near the north-east.
  • The thesis treats the radiation budget at elevations above 1500 m a.s.l. The factors controlling the meltwater production in glacierized basins are considered. As a synthesis, one chapter is devoted to radiation balance. The results could prove
  • The traditional textbook scheme interpretation that karst phenomena are the result of rock-dissolving work of precipitation water is erroneous. It has been proved that rain-water in itself has scarcely any dissolving action on limestone. Modern
  • Based on proved facts and new conceptions of the development of the subsurface hydrosphere, especially the genetic interrelations of mantle-crust-hydrosphere-atmosphere, their main parts and volumes are characterized. The description of the location
  • New data on the Corner High (SE Newfoundland) seamounts relief are presented. Main directions of lineaments are determined. The structure proved to indergo a considerable descent (about 1 700 m). It is also shown that the seamounts had not been
  • The A. argue in favour of erosion-preventive amelioration of the technogenous relief by means of a system of dynamic equilibrium channels. The system is theoretically proved to function steady. - (L'A.).
  • A reductionistic concept is being pursued in the 1/25 000 geomorphological mapping of the Federal Republic of Germany. This reduction has proved to be too drastic insofar as it gives rise to irretrievable loss of information. The claim that use
  • Size and mineral analysis of the Upper Cretaceous clastics of the Bahariya Oasis indicate moderately well sorted, coarse skeewed and mesokurtic sediments. The shape of quartz grains and occurence of stable and less stable minerals prove a short
  • Field evidence, climatological data, and calculations based on physics prove that tracks on the Alkali Flat, caused by sliding stones (playa scrapers), result from subaquatic or at least inaquatic sliding. Driving force usually is the hydraulic
  • Continental soil-sedimentological lithostratigraphical records from the Eastern Mediterranean and the Southern North Sea prove to be comparable and reveal long term periodicities which allow subdivision of the Pleistocene into four Maxi Cycles