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  • Enquête dans la prov. de Cavite à Luçon. La fécondité démographique est finalement abaissée par la propriété foncière (effet indirect par l'éducation des femmes). (RB).
  • of the historical method. Secondly, he examined the traditional concepts of the locational unit, and he proved evaluations of them. Finally, the orientation of the locational, unit is analyzed in accordance with Weber's method, namely, transport orientation, labor
  • of integration have an influence on the territorial structure. This is explained and proved by means of some examples. In connection with processes of integration rises an influence on the territorial structure of economic and residential areas
  • ; Modèle ; Nord, région ; Port ; Prospective ; Recherche opérationnelle ; Royaume-Uni ; Région ; Réseau urbain ; Sardegna ; Scotland ; Scénario ; Système ; Taxonomie ; Torino, prov.
  • The impact of rising energy prices on the locational pattern of industries is analyzed by a simple two-firm straight line location model. The concavity of average cost function of final consumer's good with respect to locational variables is proved
  • such intervention might prove effective.
  • With the help of thermodynamic parameters is proved, that non-regenerative waste deposits in any case wear an enormous dangerous potential. Non-regenerative deposits (for example special, poison, noxious and selective deposits) must be handled
  • Analyse spatiale ; Campagne ; Comportement ; Espace ; Espace d'action ; Espace individuel ; Espace perçu ; Espace vécu ; Gebelabb ; Géographie humaine ; Hiérarchie ; Limite ; Mode de vie traditionnel ; Northern, prov ; Perception ; Shendi, district
  • , the greatest alterations in the root systems and of the mycorrhization have been observed in the complete NPKCa treatments, which proved to be very efficient for the growth of the trees. Thin roots are all mycorrhizal but, compared with the control treatment
  • From the 1965 census schedules of the Cameroons, it proved possible to reconstruct the fertility of three female cohorts belonging to the Douala and Widekum groups in the Cameroons. Members of these cohorts lived through the beginnings