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  • and unique region of the Himalayas. Their languages, religions, customs and rituals, history-past and present, economic developments, education, medical facilities and coming of electricity in the region have been studied in this book. - (PLK)
  • This paper aims to identify ground water potential zones and remote sensing methods to demarcate various future land use units, through geo-electrical investigation conducted in a close grid pattern around Siwana region. Secondary data are used
  • , over-concentration on traditional food crops, under-utilization of grassland, and exploitation without conservation. A higher rate of development is recommended for economic crops, fish and animal husbandry and hydro electric power. (TNC).
  • Agriculture ; Asie ; Asie du Sud ; Atlas ; Bangladesh ; Bhutan ; Climat ; Commerce ; Division administrative ; Economie ; Election ; Géographie de l'Asie ; Géographie régionale ; Histoire ; Inde ; Industrie ; Langue ; Milieu naturel ; Népal