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  • The A. aims to determine the effective sample size of 2 glaciers by analysis of the spatial correlation between point mass balance measurements. Correlograms from multiple time series of point mass balance, measured on White Glacier (Axel Heiberg
  • Island, Canada) and Abramov Glacier (Alai Range, Kirgizia), show that the correlation decreases with the difference in elevation between the points. A principal component analysis confirms that the effective sample size is very small.
  • Using vertical aerial photography to estimate mass balance at a point
  • The purpose of this paper is to point to methods that have the potential to reduce the uncertainty of estimates of the long-term mass balance of the ice-sheet. Studies of the Greenland ice sheet will be used as an illustration. The focus
  • accumulation results from direct burial rate measurements and β-activity firn cores along a 35 km traverse. They map the depth of shallow radar layering to interpolate and extrapolate these point-location measurements and show that considerable variations occur
  • regression equations were examined. The results point to dominant effect of the gradient of mass balance with altitude of alpine glaciers compared to transverse variations. The number of mass balance measurements required appears to be scale invariant