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  • The purpose of this paper is to discuss and illustrate, by means of a few examples, how classical equilibrium concepts in geomorphology relate to the analysis of systems and to point out the limits these classical equilibrium concepts impose on our
  • The AA. examine a simple model of hillslope processes under a variety of conditions in light of chaos theory. They show the limiting cases in which chaos would not be expected, and point out the similarity between reasonable nonlinear models
  • This paper evaluates the saltation-induced, near-surface convergence of velocity profiles as a function of changes in apparent surface roughness, and demonstrates that the focal point effect is an artifact resulting from the coincident increase
  • and river bed elevation at every point in the drainage basin.
  • from two sites show convergence towards a minimum specific energy with time. Time-dependent reductions in specific energy at a point act in concert with minimization of the rate of energy dissipation over a reach during channel evolution as the fluvial