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  • Soil mercury pollution in the area surrounding the state oil refinery of Aspropirgos Greece
  • The objectives of this investigation were : a) to assess the contamination of soils with Hg in the area surrounding the state of oil refinery in Aspropirgos, Attiki| b) to study the forms in which mercury is fixed in the soil| and c) to study
  • Including development topics in a cultural heritage management plan : mercury heritage in Idrija : SyCULTour 2013
  • Cultural heritage ; Cultural patrimony ; Management ; Mercury ; Regional development ; Slovenia
  • Mercury heritage in Idrija was included on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Thus, it became an important development factor that should be included in development documents, taking into account its development role. The AA. present a participatory
  • Antimony and mercury processing in Russia and Tajikistan
  • Earthlike planets. Surfaces of Mercury, Venus, Earth, Moon, Mars.
  • Contaminates identities : mercury and marginalization in Ghana's artisanal mining sector
  • Mercury transport in stream sediments of the Colorado Plateau
  • Soil and sediment properties affecting the accumulation of mercury in a flood control reservoir
  • Clay ; Lacustrine sediment ; Land use ; Mercury ; Mississippi ; Pollution ; Reservoir ; Trace-element ; United States of America ; Water quality ; Watershed
  • Mercury accumulations in some fish species from Grenada Lake in north Mississippi exceed the Food and Drug Administration standards for human consumption. This study was conducted to characterize the distribution of total Hg in watershed soils
  • Sedigraph analysis, nitrogen adsorption method and mercury porosimeter test. The fine grained material from weathered granite has specific surface area values of for greater than those corresponding from silty till and clayey vein. The results
  • of the mercury porosimeter test show a strong increase in the cumulative pore volume and pore area in pores with diameters less than 1 micrometre, as compared with the corresponding pore sizes in the finest powder of a similar grain size distribution from
  • Money flows like mercury : the geography of global finance
  • Mercury and methylmercury contamination in the Nervión estuary (Ría de Bilbao)
  • Atlantic Ocean ; Basque Provinces Spain ; Bay of Biscay ; Europe ; Iberian Peninsula ; North Atlantic ; Northeast Atlantic ; Southern Europe ; Spain ; estuaries ; estuarine environment ; mercury ; modern ; pollution ; river discharge ; seasonal
  • Interpretation of Mariner 10 images (resolution 1,2 km on the average) enabled to compose the global geologic-morphological maps of Mercury at scale of 1: 4 000 000, regional geologic-morphological maps at scale of 2: 2 000 000 and to study main
  • regularities of structure and history of evolution of its surface. All the history of Mercury's surface can be divided into three major eras: 1 Pre-Marine (Ante-Mare), 2 Marine (Mare) and 3 Post-Marine (Post-Mare), which in turn are divided into 9 periods
  • Mercury's major volcano having 110 km at base and 60 km dia of top caldera. The volcano has been dicovered by the author as result of interpretation of photoes and stereopairs of Mare Martis area (coordinates of the volcano centre: 21 S, 124 W). (L'Ed.).
  • Distribution and speciation of mercury in the Adour estuary and several bays of the Basque coast
  • Atlantic Ocean ; Basque Provinces Spain ; Bay of Biscay ; Europe ; Iberian Peninsula ; North Atlantic ; Northeast Atlantic ; Southern Europe ; Spain ; dissolved materials ; estuarine environment ; mercury ; modern ; particulate matters ; pollution
  • in the analyses of geochemical anomalies of such chemical components as barium, fluorine or mercury in a sedimentary rock complex with an alcaline extrusive rock body.
  • Cultivated land ; Isotope dating ; Mercury ; Pollution ; Sediment transport ; Stream ; Suspended load ; United States of America ; Virginia ; Watershed
  • of mercury contamination and identifying sediment sources and sinks is critical for documenting the extent of contamination and for developing remediation plans.
  • The results are reported of 4 experimental weathering tests - freeze - thaw, wetting and drying, slake durability and salt weathering - on 5 different types of limestone. Effective porosity, mercury intrusion porosimetry and scanning electron
  • The interpretation of special supplementary geoelectrical, gravimetric and mercury-metallogenetic prospection work, carried out in front of the open pit Merseburg-Ost, and the comparison with surveys in the open pit as well as with interpreted
  • in a loamy clay soil have been identified. Mercury intrusion experiments and micromorphological descriptions have provided information on the structural evolution of the crust at the microscale. Both the structural information given by the chord size
  • of mercury in sediment and fish tissues in the watershed are briefly reviewed. Third, historic data on 20th century hydraulic mining are presented that document numerous small dams built in the Yuba basin to detain mining sediment. Finally, field measurements
  • Arctic Region ; Atmosphere ; Eurasia ; Geochemistry ; Hydrosphere ; Mercury ; Meteorology ; Monitoring ; Pollution
  • Acidity ; Biological indicator ; Ecotoxicology ; European part of Russia ; Hydrochemistry ; Lake ; Mercury ; Monitoring ; Pollution ; Protected area ; Test ; Toxicity