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  • Geological uses of remotely-sensed reflected and emitted data of lateritized Archaean terrain in Western Australia in Special issue : Advances in geological remote sensing.
  • Geologically controlled waterfall types in the Outer Carpathians
  • Carpathian Mountains ; Classification ; Fluvial erosion ; Fluvial processes ; Geological structure ; Hydrodynamics ; Lithology ; Poland ; Stratigraphy ; Waterfall
  • Waterfalls occurring in the Polish Outer Carpathians have been studied with regard to their geological settings. They are small forms developed on faulted flysch rocks of different resistance on streams characterized by similar features of catchment
  • Geological directory of the British Isles. A guide to information sources.
  • Geological Society of London. Geological Information Group. London, Royaume-Uni
  • The Umbria Preapennines in the Monte Santa Maria Tiberina area : a new geological map with stratigraphic and structural notes
  • Cenozoic ; Geological map ; Italy ; Regional geology ; Stratigraphy ; Turbidite ; Umbria
  • The Monte Santa Maria Tiberina ridge consists of a stack of Late Oligocene-Middle miocene siliciclastic turbidite successions belonging to the Tucsan and Umbria domains. In this work a new geological map of the area is presented, based on a review
  • Evolution of the lowest amazon basin modeled from the integration of geological and SRTM topographic data
  • Morphologic features obtained from Shuttle Radar Topographic Mission (SRTM) data, integrated with geologic information, are emphasized in this paper in order to provide the basis for understanding the development of the lowest Amazon drainage basin
  • , focusing on the history of one of the largest Amazonian tributaries, The Tocantins River, and on the origin of the Marajó Island, throughout the Quaternary. It is also discussed how tectonic reactivations have contributed to the geological evolution
  • Evmilliok emlékei. Magyarorszag foldtorténete és asvanyi kincsei.. (Memories from millions of years. Geological evolution and mineral resources of Hungary)
  • The first part is a review for the major stages of geological evolution: the second is an attempt to explain this evolution on the basis of plate tectonics| the third is a summary of the major mineral resources and the fourth is a geological guide
  • A foldtani ismeretek fejlodése az Alfold medencéjérol. (Progress in geological knowledge of Great Plain)
  • In 1964 a new geological mapping started in the Great Plain with engineering geological, agrogeological and hydrogeological purposes to disclose close-to-surface rock and ground water conditions at a depth of 10 metres. Mapping-scale: 1 to 100000
  • Drainage ; Geological structure ; Geomorphology ; Namibia ; Natural region
  • A spatial overview of the landforms of Namibia and the geological influences on its geomorphology. Some 17 regions are distinguished and described in brief. - (AJC)
  • Några svenska geologer i Latinamerika
  • International Union of Geological Sciences. Commission for the Geological Map of the World, International
  • A geologic and mineral resource assessment of Indonesia
  • Alteration detection using TM imagery. The effects of supergene weathering in an arid climate in Special issue : Advances in geological remote sensing.
  • Detection of circular geological features using the Hough transform
  • Distribution and orientation of radioactive veins in the El Erediya-El Missikat area, Central Eastern Desert, Egypt in Special issue : Advances in geological remote sensing.
  • Geobotanical application of Airborne Thematic Mapper data in Sutherland, north-west Scotland in Special issue : Advances in geological remote sensing.
  • Carpathian Mountains ; Europe ; Geological structure ; Mountain ; Regional geology ; Romania ; Tectonics
  • Detailed description of the geological evolution of the Eastern and Southern Carpathians. - (JS)
  • Geophysical and geological trends on the continental shelf of northeastern Newfoundland
  • Geochemical soil surveys over Cambrian and lower Devonian formations in the Belgian Ardennes as a tool for geological mapping
  • On the efficiency of studying the history of the geological evolution of nearshore and shelf zones of the ocean
  • Bibliographical control of geological maps in Geoscience information. A state-of-the art review.