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  • The Tyrnavos Fault is typical of many active normal faults in the Aegean region. This study illustrates how a combination of geological and geomorphological data is important in assessing the magnitude and timing of palaeoearthquake activity along
  • This paper discusses the morphological and geological evidence for Pleistocene neotectonic faulting and uplift in the northeastern part of the Sowie Mountains where the Sudetic Marginal Fault has its maximum deplacement and uplift rates. Although
  • Reappraisal of existing data and evidence derived from new geological investigations illustrates the often complex association between fault geometry and seismic activity that characterise five seismically active areas of mainland Greece
  • The AA. present the results obtained by using two distinct approches to the characterization of the seimic potential of the Irpinia and Messina faults. These two earthquakes highlight the importance of considering a broader range of geological