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  • Geological hazards, vulnerability, and risk assessment using GIS: model for Glenwood Springs, Colorado
  • This paper presents a method that uses Geographic Information System (GIS) to assess geological hazards, vulnerability, and risk in the Glenwood Springs area. The hazards evaluated include subsidence, rockfall, debris flows, and floods. The AA
  • C 14 dating ; Earthquake ; Fault ; Geochronology ; Geological map ; Quaternary ; Seismicity ; United States ; Utah
  • This study included interpretation of aerial photographs, detailed geologic mapping of surficial deposits at trench sites, profiling fault scarps, excavating and mapping trenches at two sites, and radiocarbon dating key stratigraphic units
  • The landslide hazard in the Himalayas: geological control and human action
  • Geologic effects of hurricanes