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  • Die zeitliche Einstufung geologischer Prozesse für ingenieurgeologische Aufgaben im Bergbau und Bauwesen unter besonderer Berücksichtigung des Karstes (Temporal rating of geological processes for Engineering geological tasks in mining
  • Temporal rating of geological processes has great importance for carstification processes in salt and gipsum areas. Two problems are discussed : determination of age by geological methods and prognosis of recent geological processes using
  • Geological models for the configuration, history and style of disintegration of the Laurentide ice sheet in Models in geomorphology.
  • Presents models derived from current glacial geological information on three aspects of the Laurentide ice sheet : its configuration and centers of outflow| the latter part of its history of waxing and Waning and the style of its final deterioration
  • International Union of Geological Sciences. Commission for the Geological Map of the World, International
  • Geophysical and geological trends on the continental shelf of northeastern Newfoundland
  • On the efficiency of studying the history of the geological evolution of nearshore and shelf zones of the ocean
  • Geological processes and atmospheric evolution in the Precambrian in Evolution of the Earth's crust.
  • The geologic structure of Johnston and Mansel banks in the Aegean Sea
  • A Foldkozi-tenger geologiai multja, jelene és jovoje. (The geological past, present and future of the Mediterranean sea)
  • Congress report: Geomorphology in Paris. The 26th International Geological Congress, 7-17 July, 1980
  • The A. gives a review of oceanic areas of the world, which obtain increasing importance concerning in the development of geological sciences with regard to the basic geological research as well as to the applied geological research, especially
  • Proceedings of the symposium on engineering geological aspects of deltaic areas (Renesse, 1979)
  • -geological investigations in the mouth of the'easter Scheldt (SW Netterlands).
  • Observations of flexure and the geological evolution of the Pacific Ocean basin
  • on the continents, is one of the largest to be documented in the geological record.
  • Simulation of the climate of 18,000 years BP : results for the North America/North Atlantic/European sector and comparison with the geologic record of North America
  • temperature were prescribed from CLIMAP (1981). The geologic evidence is generally compatible with the model simulation.
  • Some geological implications of average Quaternary glacial conditions
  • The relationship between the geological variation, the F-content of the water and the spatial variation in the occurrence of dental fluorosis in an endemic area
  • The scope of this study is to represent a detailed idea on the structural situation in Abu Darag area. This goal was achieved by integrating the available seismic data and both geophysical-geological borehole data. This was to identify the area
  • geological features and its structural framework.
  • Geological nature of the Vavilov and Magnaghi seamounts in the Tyrrhenian Sea
  • In situ determination of the hydrothermal properties of a deep fractured medium by a single-well technique in Hydrogeothermal studies. 26th International geological congress.
  • Information about the origin of thermomineral waters and gas by means of environmental isotopes in eastern Azerbaijan, Iran, and southeast France in Hydrogeothermal studies. 26th International geological congress.
  • Isotopic identification of gases of a deep origin in French thermomineral waters in Hydrogeothermal studies. 26th International geological congress.