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  • A foldtani alap-és elokutatas jelentosége a foldtani természeti eroforrasok feltarasaban. (The importance of geological basic and preliminary research in the disclosure of geological natural resources)
  • During the Sixth Five-Year Plan, geonomical basic research and geological preliminary research acquired major importance in research strategy. Their necessity is underlined by the demand to supply raw materials from home resources| to base the raw
  • Characteristics and effects of geothermal resources exploitation in Hydrogeothermal studies. 26th International geological congress.
  • A foldtani eroforrasok szerepe a mezogazdasagi termelésben. (The role of geological resources in agricultural production)
  • Ocean dumping and marine pollution. Geological aspects of waste disposal.
  • Les nodules polymétalliques des fonds océaniques, objets géologiques et miniers? Quelques réflexions. (Manganese nodules, geological objects and mining interest? Some considerations)
  • Geological models are constantly modified in the light of the mass of new information disclosed by boreholes. International relations and a wide cooperation within the country can ensure well-founded prognoses of exploitable resources. (DLO).
  • An outline of development of ideas on the karst typology published in the world literature with comparison to opinions of the Czechoslovak karst investigators of geological, geomorphological, hydrological, biological and regional points of views
  • The advance of deposit reserves of mineral raw materials expresses the ratio between the quantitative extent of reserves explored and their annual requirement due to the mining of a deposit. The advance of reserves as a geological-economic category
  • especially alluded to the possible increase of the geological and economical availability of raw material.
  • An essential supposition for the effective utilization of deposits is their geologic-ecological valuation. Four groups of deposits with different value, quantity and quality are distinguished. The territorial effects of the historical location