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  • Geologic evidence for age of deposits at Hueyatlaco archeological site, Valsequillo, Mexico
  • Historical analogies in the geological work of Charles Lyell
  • Die Bedeutung Ferdinand von Richthofens als Geologe und Geograph. (L'importance de Ferdinand von Richthofen comme géologue et géographe)
  • F. W. L. LEICHHARDT belongs to the pioneers of Australian geological and geographical exploration. The article deals with Leichhardt's scientific achievement for the further opening of the Australian continent. - (IH)
  • Of 25 fossil assemblages examined, 2 might be examples only of geological contemporaneity of humans and Camelops| 2 might indicate behavioral association of humans and Camelops bones| and 2 might indicate actual human utilization of Camelops
  • on the process of relief formation in China, was responsible for the classification of Chinese geological history into eras and periods and the identification of the Yan-shan mountain movement and detailed accounts of many tectonic and orgenic morphology in China
  • The geological and geographical exploration of Siberia and Central Asia is close connected with the name of V.A. Obruchev. Evaluation of Obruchev's activities by Soviet authors disregarded German publications widely. That even their importance