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  • A reported early-man site adjacent to southern Alaska's continental shelf: a geologic solution to an archeologic enigma
  • the area in 1978, but failed to find evidence of prehistoric human habitation. Geologic studies and radiocarbon dating indicate that the strata reported at the site are intertidal in origin, very late Holocene in age, and have undergone significant tectonic
  • Geological background to a Devonian plant fossil discovery, Ruppert Coast, Mary Byrd Land, West Antarctica in Gondwana Five. Selected papers and abstracts of papers.
  • Hydrologic and geologic control of carbonate water chemistry in the subartic Nahanni karst, Canada
  • are especially qualified for further geological investigations with special metallogenic and minerogenic problems. (HL).
  • Geologiczne i geomorfologiczne slady würmskich i holocenskich zlodowacen w rejonie Hornsundu, Spitsbergen. in Polskie badania polarne 1970-1982.. (Geological and geomorphological evidence for Würm and Holocene glaciations in the Hornsund region
  • Geological and geomorphological investigations, carried through by the authors to the south and the north of Hornsund, supplied with new data on Würm and Holocene glaciations in this part of Spitsbergen. Most information from that came from
  • Since 1973 geologists from the GDR have been involved in geologic activities in Antarctica included in the SCAR program. As participants of Soviet Antarctic expeditions they have generally dealt with problems of structural geology in selected
  • This paper deals with geological action of drift ice on the marine littoral environment. The spatial, temporal and physical characteristics of sea ice cover are examined, together with their effects in the littoral zone, especially in four areas
  • Geologic and geomorphologic research in the Lisbet Valley and Kulmstranda proved a glaciation of the southern coast of Hornsund during the Würm/Vistulian/Glaciation. Maximum of this glaciation, expressed by an advance of glaciers in Hornsund
  • VI Sound-Glacier profiles appear to be closely related to ice discharge especially to convergent and divergent flow. Comparison of subglacial topography with geological evidence of faulting suggests that the area around George VI Sound is a region
  • The research strategy of the AA. combines geologic mapping and soil studies of drift sheets in ice-free areas. They differentiated drift sheets by changes in surface morphology, surface boulder weathering and soil development. The AA. conclude
  • Subsurface contour maps from the lakes Untersee and Obersee obtained from a lot of soundings and measurements of albedo and temperature allow statements for dynamic of the water body of this predominant unknown lakes. The geological field work