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  • Geological mapping using Landsat Thematic Mapper imagery in Almeria Province, South-east Spain in Special issue : Advances in geological remote sensing.
  • Geological bibliography of the Netherlands and adjacent countries of importance to the geology of the Netherlands
  • An outline of the geological structure of the Northeastern Hohes Venn Area and of its Northern foreland
  • Lower Paleozoic (Cambrian, Ordovician), Devonian, and Carboniferous sedimentary rocks are exposed in the northeastern part of the Hohes Venn area (Northern Eifel) and in its northern forelands. The regional geological development represented
  • by these sediments and their Caledonian and Variscan structural characteristics are obtained from geological profiles across the Eifel's northern boundary zone.
  • Zosuny v Nizkych Beskydach, ich vztah ku geologickej stavbe a morfologii. (Landslides in the Nizke Mts. and their relation to geological structure and morphology)
  • Block fields, landslides, earth currents, etc. have a very high occurrence in the Nizke Beskydy. Their regional distribution are analysed in relation to the geological structure, particularity to the lithologicofacial character of the strata
  • Evmilliok emlékei. Magyarorszag foldtorténete és asvanyi kincsei.. (Memories from millions of years. Geological evolution and mineral resources of Hungary)
  • The first part is a review for the major stages of geological evolution: the second is an attempt to explain this evolution on the basis of plate tectonics| the third is a summary of the major mineral resources and the fourth is a geological guide
  • A foldtani ismeretek fejlodése az Alfold medencéjérol. (Progress in geological knowledge of Great Plain)
  • In 1964 a new geological mapping started in the Great Plain with engineering geological, agrogeological and hydrogeological purposes to disclose close-to-surface rock and ground water conditions at a depth of 10 metres. Mapping-scale: 1 to 100000
  • Geobotanical application of Airborne Thematic Mapper data in Sutherland, north-west Scotland in Special issue : Advances in geological remote sensing.
  • Geochemical soil surveys over Cambrian and lower Devonian formations in the Belgian Ardennes as a tool for geological mapping
  • Sources of information for the preparation of engineering-geological maps in the Netherlands
  • Geological analysis of the Kisalfold based on satellite-photos
  • Glacial geological mapping in Denmark in Glacial deposits in north-west Europe.
  • A foldtani kutatas népgazdasagi eredményei. (The results of the geological research regarding the national economy)
  • A geological profile along the Belgian coast in The Quaternary and Tertiary geology of the Southern Bight, North Sea.
  • Belgian Geological Survey, Belgique
  • Impact cratering phenomenon for the Ries multiring structure based on constraints of geological, geophysical, and petrological studies and the nature of the impacting body in Impact and explosion cratering. Planetary and terrestrial implications.
  • US Geological Survey, Etats-Unis
  • Dansk-islenskar nattururannsoknir a Islandi a milli 1920 og 1940 Danish-Icelandic geological expeditions to Iceland between 1920 and 1940
  • Some topics in palaeogeography at the Louvain La Neuve University geological department
  • Strukturno-geologiceskaja desifrovka kosmiceskih televizionnyh snimkov (KTS) Balkanskogo poluostrova Structural-geological interpretation of television space images of the Balkan peninsula
  • After a general introduction into the development of the geo-sciences in Saxony, and into the history of conservation of geological objects, major relicts of the geological history (exposures, rocks, rock formations) are described. The text
  • A model for the Reykholtsdalur and the Upper-Arnessysla geothermal systems with a discussion on some geological and geothermal processes in SW-Iceland
  • Geological section across the holocene sediments in the northern and eastern parts of the Vistula deltaic plain in Evolution of the Vistula River Valley.