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  • Distribution and orientation of radioactive veins in the El Erediya-El Missikat area, Central Eastern Desert, Egypt in Special issue : Advances in geological remote sensing.
  • The geological evolution of the primitive earth-Evidence from the Barberton Mountain Land in Evolution of the Earth's crust.
  • Algerian thermalism in its geostructural setting. How Hydrogeology has helped in the elucidation of Algeria's deep-seated structure in Hydrogeothermal studies. 26th International geological congress.
  • The geological evolution of the River Nile in Egypt
  • Geormorphological and geological history of the middle part of the Blue Nile Basin (Sudan)
  • Tibesti. Geological interpretation of the Tibesti from Landsat 1 imagery (Republic of Chad) = Interprétation géologique du Tibesti suivant des images de Landsat 1 (République du Tchad) = Geologische Interpretation des Tibesti nach Aufnahmen von
  • Geological studies in the Northern Kalahari
  • The article deals not only with forest ecosystems but also with main physical regions of Sierra Leone, with vegetation zones, geological situation, rainfall and run-off conditions. There is given a map of forest ecosystems. - (IH)
  • Main factors which influenced topography shaping in Angola are geological structures and tectonic movements. The Great Escarpment of South Africa (at least within Angola) is a tectonic feature belonging to the transitional zone between the African
  • The results of fortnightly baseflow quality analyses of a small urban catchment are reported. It is shown that the geological formations in the catchment, consisting mainly of Table Mountain Sandstone, have a limited effect on the water quality
  • Commonly rock-falls and landslides are triggered by even smaller north-african earthquakes. Some examples are given before 1954. Further liquefaction is known from larger earthquakes (e. g. 1856). More complex phenomena, seemingly at a geological