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  • Geological map of Manitoba. 1: 1000000.. ((Inset:) Major geological subdivisions)
  • Department of Energy and Mines. Manitoba Geological Services branch, Canada
  • Infrared spectroscopy (2.3-20 m) for the geological interpretation of remotely-sensed multispectral thermal infrared data in Special issue : Advances in geological remote sensing.
  • Contributions to the history of geological mapping.
  • The Commission on the History of Geological Sciences (INHIGEO), one of the international commissions of the International Union of Geological Sciences (IUGS), has been working since 1968. The jubilary, 10th international symposium of this commission
  • was held in Budapest in August 1982. Thematically, the lectures can be classed into four groups: 1. The main trends of the development of geological maps. 2. The history of the geological mapping of different countries and regions. 3. The birth
  • and characteristic features of special-purpose applied geological maps. 4. The role and activity of outstanding personalities in the development of geological mapping. (L'Ed.).
  • Alter und Altersbestimmung geologischer Erscheinungen und Prozesse (Teil 1) (Age and age determination of geological phenomena and processes - Part 1)
  • In the volume are printed the papers of a conference of the Society of Geological Sciences in the G.D.R. held in september 1984 in Freiberg. Geochronology is one of the preconditions for reconstruction of geological development and an instrument
  • Symposium on geochemistry of groundwater. 26th International Geological Congress
  • (7-17 juillet 1980, Paris) ; Congrès ; Eau souterraine ; Généralités sur la géographie ; Géochimie ; Hydrochimie ; International Geological Congress (26)
  • Geological directory of the British Isles. A guide to information sources.
  • Geological Society of London. Geological Information Group. London, Royaume-Uni
  • Detection of circular geological features using the Hough transform
  • Alteration detection using TM imagery. The effects of supergene weathering in an arid climate in Special issue : Advances in geological remote sensing.
  • John Ross Mackay, prix Kirk Bryan pour 1981 de la Geological Society of America
  • Bibliographical control of geological maps in Geoscience information. A state-of-the art review.
  • Geologic map of the Yemen arab Republic (San'a). 1: 500000.
  • US Geological Survey, Etats-Unis
  • Geological map of Western Australia. 1:2 500 000.. (Insets: Reliability diagram| Main tectonic units)
  • Geological survey of Western Australia. Department of Mines, Mapping branch of the Surveys and mapping division. Perth, Australie
  • Carte géologique internationale de l'Afrique. Flle 2= International geological map of Africa. Sheet 2.
  • Carte géologique internationale de l'Europe et des régions méditerranéennes = International geological map of Europe and the Mediterranean regions. G5 Baku.
  • Carte géologique internationale de l'Afrique. Feuille 1 = International geological map of Africa. Sheet 1.
  • Isotope und ihre Anwendung in den Geowissenschaften, in der Bergbausicherheit und im Umweltschutz.. (Isotopes and their application in the geological sciences, the safety in mining and protection against environmental pollution)
  • Geological map of the province of Nova Scotia. 1: 500000.. ((Insets): Structural map of Nova Scotia. 1: 1000000, metamorphic map of Nova Scotia. 1: 1000000)
  • Review of geological documentation in Geoscience information. A state-of-the art review.
  • Aspects of geological documentation in Geoscience information. A state-of-the art review.
  • Geological data presented cartographically fall into three general types: direct observational data, indirect data obtained by transformation of observational data by operational procedures, and interpretative data obtained by inference from direct
  • and indirect data. Geological maps are divided on subject-matter basis into the following types: geologic maps, stratigraphic maps, tectonic maps, palinspatic maps and paleogeographic maps, hydrogeological maps, engineering geology maps, geochemical maps