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  • A numerical model for the evaluation of deformation and stress associated with geological structures is presented. The method is based on a fundamental solution of stress and deformation around a single rectangular indentation at the boundary
  • of an infinite, elastic half-plane. Groups of indentation of different shape, define displacement boundary conditions representing forms of geological structures. The method is demonstrated by a solution of deformation and stress around a nonpiercing diapiric
  • A FORTRAN program designed to simplify and duplicate the mental processes which lead to an interpretation of a depositional setting is presented. In order to simplify the geologic interpretation of clastic depositional environments, seven general
  • The segmentation of univariate and multivariate geological traces is discussed. Competitive algorithms in order of statistical optimality are: global optimization of the likelihood by dynamic programming, hierarchic optimization and split-moving
  • Regression and trend surface analyses were used to facilitate interpretation of geological history of a stratigraphic interval of the Aratu Unit, Reconcavo Series (Lower Cretaceous) in the Reconcavo Basin, Bahia State, Brazil. The relation between