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  • DEMAILLY, Kaduna Eve
  • FEREROL, Marie-Eve
  • Agriculture in France on the eve of the railway age.
  • France on the eve of the railway age. A study of food consumption in Recherches de géographie rurale. Hommage au Professeur Frans Dussart.
  • Asie-Europe on the Eve of the 21st century
  • This volume consists of papers presented at the international conference on Asia-Europe on the Eve of 21st century held in Bangkok in 1999. It is divided in three parts. I- Understanding the relationship between Asia and Europe : historical
  • Which is the highest mountain in the world? Report of the expedition EV-K2-CNR 1987 to the Mt. Everest and the K2
  • The conditions in England's inner cities on the eve of the 1981 riots
  • A Nemzetkozi Polaris Evek és a Nemzetkozi Geofizikai Ev. (The international polar years and the International Geophysical Year)
  • The agricultural sector of Slovakia on the eve of EU accession
  • The ethnic geography of Kenya on the eve of independence : the 1962 census
  • Agriculture in North America on the eve of contact : a reassessment
  • Landscapes of cultivation in Mesoamerica on the eve of the conquest
  • The persistence of high fertility in the American south on the eve of the baby boom
  • Harminc év a magyar foldrajztudomanyban Trente ans dans la science géographique en Hongrie
  • The present investigated study made with two objects, 1. to suggest a new methodology to reconstruct a micro-level distribution pattern of Muslim population as on the eve of the partition of the country in 1947, and 2. to analyse the spatial
  • [a1] CNRS-UMR 5600 EVS, Univ., Lyon, France