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  • Antilles ; Archive sédimentaire ; Bonaire ; Datation C 14 ; Holocène ; Modèle ; Niveau marin ; Néotectonique ; Stratigraphie ; Tourbe
  • C 14 dating ; Holocene ; Model ; Neotectonics ; Peat ; Sea level ; Sedimentary archive ; Stratigraphy ; West Indies
  • The AA. present a relative sea-level (RSL) curve for the island of Bonaire (S Caribbean). They used 42 C ages from 20 sediment cores taken from 9 different sedimentary archives along the coast. The sedimentary environment of each index point
  • The AA. examine on-site and off-site archives in the Jeetzel valley at the Late Palaeolithic site Grabow 15 (N-Germany). The spatial analysis of the charcoal distribution and biomarkers (black carbon) in an on-site test area enabled a detailed
  • occurrence of charcoal particles in two palaeochannels that provided archives for palynological and sedimentological analysis for the time span from the Allerød to the early Holocene. Based on the reconstructed local vegetation patterns, human occupation
  • The interpretation of the Holocene sediment dynamics at Mount Kalkriese in the Wiehengebirge mountains (northwestern Germany) shows that the onset and the extent of human land use corresponds well with most colluvial archives in Central European
  • the course of a bolsa-cycle. Until now bolsas have not been acknowledged regarding their geo-archive significance. The goal of this study is to give an overview over the bolsa phenomenon.