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  • Red Mediterranean Soils in Jordan : New insights in their origin, genesis, and role as environmental archives
  • This study is an attempt to use closely related inter-complementary paleo-archives of a local landscape to access understanding of Late Pleistocene–Holocene environmental changes in the region. The study site is a small intermountain basin
  • in the Sayan-Tuva Upland. Paleo-archives covering about 13 000 yrs were studied : paleosol-sedimentary sequences on a delta-alluvial fan of a small river, lacustrine sediments in bottom cores and on palsa-islands and soils of palsa-islands. Continental
  • Although organic carbon contents are commonly very low, loess and organic matter (LOM) thereof is regarded as important terrestrial archive for vegetation and climate during deposition. However, the LOM signal is prone to contamination by OM