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  • An attempt at the zoogeographical regionalization of Europe on the basis of the distribution of vertebrates
  • Presentation of a zoogeographical regionalization of Europe on the basis of the contemporary distribution of mammal faunas. The richness of families, genera and species of these animals was defined on the basis of source materials. The data obtained
  • enabled analyses to be made of the zoogeographical similarity of the mammal species in 29 administrative units and 58 territorial-biogeographical units.
  • An intensive zoogeographical and ecological survey of theiland Mollusca of Belgium: aims, methods and results (Mollusca: Gastropoda)
  • The main aim of the zoogeographical analysis was done to assess the distribution of the fauna of fish and lampreys on the basis of species richness. The richness of the fauna was defined by way of statistical analysis of the number of species
  • of life cycle models to assess the impact of climate change on the zoogeographic distribution of species. Finally, they identify new research required to further develop these methods.